References for the Unit History of the
220th Aviation Company:

My primary reference has been the compilation of the 220th Aviation Company Unit History from Military Records located in the National Archives Record Center at Suitland, Maryland, by Stuart Miller, 1990. Stu was an "original" member of the 1st Platoon at Quang Ngai in 1965. His time and effort in the research and pulling together of many significant events and other vital information has provided the major elements of the Unit History of the 220th Aviation Company:(175 pages), and many other resources which include the following

  • Unit History as written by Jerry Ralph Curry, MG, Retired—In the History Index.

  • Unit History as written by Bill Everett, LTC, Retired—In the History Index.

  • CD of Photos taken by Dewey Grocox in 1965–66, Phu Bai—In the History Index.

  • Photos taken by Norm MacPhee, 1966, Da Nang—In the History Index.

  • DVD (2010) by Lloyd Oake from 8mm film, 1966–67, Phu Bai and Dong Ha.

  • DVD, converted from VHS Video—made from personal 8mm film of 1968, at Da Nang—by Jose Munoz.

  • Form 373, Historical Data Card, 220th Aviation Company—Maintained by the Office of the Chief of Military History, Force Structure and Unit History Branch, US Army Center for Military History.

  • 221st Aviation Company "Shotguns" Web Site, 1965 History, Annex A, TO&E.

  • THE LOVEABLE ONE–NINER—A Complete History of the Cessna L–19 Birddog, by Minard D. Thompson, Jr., 1998 (Mr. Birddog).

  • One Day in Vietnam—The True Story of an Army Bird Dog Pilot, by Gary Hook, 2000. This is a story about Lloyd Rugge, a member of the 1st Platoon at Quang Ngai, his life and his family—written by his cousin.

  • Vintage Aircraft Nose Art, by Gary N. Valant, 1987, 2001. A history of "Nose Art" tells many stories about aircraft and crews through art, mottos and nick–names.

  • Catkiller, by Norman S. MacPhee, 2003. Norm was among the first replacements to join the 3rd Platoon at Da Nang in early 1966.

  • Catkiller One–Five Chapters, 1967–69, by Don Pepe.

  • A HUNDRED FEET OVER HELL—FLYING WITH THE MEN OF THE 220TH RECON AIRPLANE COMPANY OVER I CORPS AND THE DMZ, VIETNAM 1968—1969, by Jim Hooper, 2009. Primarily about the members of the 1st Platoon during 1968—1969.

  • The 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company, The Catkillers 1968–1969, booklet by MAJ Edward Miler, Commanding Officer 1969, printed in 2010.

  • The Bird Dogs' Tale, The Combat Service of the Cessna O–1 Aircraft Within Southeast Asia, 1962–1972, by Bobby Jack Woolley, 2010.

  • The 212th Combat Aviation Battalion 1971 Yearbook—Put together by the Battalion Commander, LTC John Lovett—Entire publication is on the Internet at the Portal to the 1st Aviation Brigade, 149 pages.

  • 74th Aviation Company "Aloft" Web Site, for the 1971 History Overview, Note for the beginning (73rd Aviation Company) to the final stand–down of the US Army O–1 units in Vietnam.

  • Numerous Internet sources—History of the 14th Aviation Battalion—Portal to the 1st Aviation Brigade which includes the 223rd Aviation Battalion and the 212th Combat Support Aviation Battalion—and much more information about the 12th, 17th, 16th and 11th Combat Aviation Groups which were in the Chain of Command of the 220th.

  • Numerous articles from MACV publications, particularly the HAWK, the 1st Aviation Brigade magazine—On the Internet.

I have also now read through every CATCOM Newsletter several times trying to pick out additional bits of information. As I hear and read something "new" from a new source, something "old" often takes on more meaning—continuous learning is a work in progress.

Numerous Email messages and telephone conversations with former veterans of the 220th Aviation Company have been extremely helpful. As I have been working many potential angles for networking with any former members and friends of the unit for possible information, I must thank all who have shared their time with me:

Personal contacts, some repeated and some only brief, but possibly with something that added or gave me a new lead, with 220th and USMC AO veterans and others via email, person–to–person and/or telephone since starting the Catkiller History Initiative in August 2010 (As of 01/02/12) [I have email addresses and/or telephone numbers for most of these contacts.]

  • Alexander, Ray (1966–67)
  • Anderson, Andy (1969)
  • Bates, Helen (Mother of Paul Jennings Bates, MIA 1971)
  • Bentley, Jack (1968–69)
  • Bielot, Dick (1966–67)
  • Boyles, Cal (1967–68)
  • Bordeaux, Harold (Paul) [1971]
  • Carlin, Jim (1966–67)
  • Caryl, Ray (1967–68)
  • Collins, Carl (1967) [USMC AO]
  • Currie, Dennis (1967–68)
  • Curry, Jerry (1st CO)
  • Davis, Joe (1966–67)
  • Decker, Toby (1966–67)
  • Deibert, Larry (1967–68)
  • DiGrezio, Jerry (1970)
  • Everett, Bill (One of our Originals)
  • Fernandez, Walter "Chico" (1966–67)
  • Finch, Charlie (1968–69)
  • Garin, Paul (1970–71)
  • Gebhardt, Kurt (Son of Gene Gebhardt, Deceased)
  • Godfrey, Wade (1970–71)
  • Goode, Charlie (1966) [USMC AO]
  • Goodrum, Chuck (1971)
  • Grocox, Cain (Son of Dewey Grocox)
  • Grocox, Dewey (One of our Originals)
  • Hillman, John (1970)
  • Hook, Gary (cousin of Lloyd Rugge, KIA 1966)
  • Jackson, Jerry (1966–67)
  • Jones, Randy (1971)
  • Kovach, John "Bear" (1967–68)
  • Laramy, Bob (USMC AO)
  • Lauer, Kurt (1966–67)
  • Logsden, Don (1967)
  • MacPhee, Norm (1966)
  • McAllister, Darl (One of our Originals)
  • McComiskie, Bob (1970)
  • Meehan, "Tank" (USMC AO)
  • Miler, Ed (1969 CO)
  • Miller, Stu (1965)
  • Morgan, Lloyd (1967)
  • Munoz, Jose (1968)
  • Oake, Lloyd (1966–67)
  • O´Connor, Dennis (1967–68 & 1970–71)
  • Olney, Kurt (Catkiller and YO–3A Crew Chief, 1970–71)
  • O´Shields, Gary (1968)
  • Paulsen, Al (1970–71)
  • Pepe, Don (1968–69)
  • Putnam, Roger (1966–67)
  • Quigley, Dick (1st Catkiller)
  • Richardson, Charlie (USMC AO)
  • Ricks, Don (1969)
  • Smith, Jan (1967)
  • Smith, Paul (1970–71)
  • Snell, Jay (1966–67)
  • Stith, Don (YO–3A Project)
  • Stokes, John (1970 CO)
  • Strain, Walt (1965–66) [Marine AO Team Chief]
  • Strange, Glenn (1969)
  • Tastad, Jerry (1966–67)
  • Thompson, Minard (Mr. Birddog)
  • Tobiason, Dick (1966–67)
  • Trent, Ken (1967–68)
  • Wells, Dick (1971)
  • Welsh, Charlie (One of our Originals)
  • Whitlow, Rob (Marine AO)
  • Wisby, Jim (1968–69 XO & CO)
  • Wolfe, Dick (1971)
  • Woods, George (1966–67 XO & CO)
If I have missed anybody, please accept my apology or just give me another call or email to keep me honest. I have sent many emails that bounced as well as a number of emails that did not bounce, but which resulted in no return or response. I have had many similar experiences in telephone messages that were left on an answering machine but resulted in no response. I also realize that there are many others who I might have contacted (and possibly should have); however, when I was able to get questions answered by some contacts or through other sources, I did not pursue some areas of information any further.

I especially appreciate the efforts of those who were able to help me expand the network of contacts. While without any doubt there is much more that could be learned and told about the 220th Aviation Company, from its activation at Fort Lewis in 1965 until its inactivation in Vietnam in 1971, we now have at least a fairly comprehensive overview from which to expand should anyone desire to make additions, corrections or other updates in the future. My notes are free—anyone may take it from where we are.

For additions, corrections, comments and/or questions, please give me a call at (253) 582–9249, or send me an email at

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