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Abbott, Paul D., 1966–67 PFC, Catkiller Crew Chief, 2nd Plat., Hue PFC Paul D. Abbott, Catkiller Crew Chief
Adams, Frank Houston, 1966 CPT, 1st MarDiv AO, Chu Lai
KIA 23 March 1970
Capt Frank H. Adams, 1966, KIA 1970
Adams, Larry L., 1965–66 SP4 Unit Order 28, dtd 6 June 1966
Adams, Thomas ‘Tom’ G., 1968–1969 CW2, Catkiller 09, Asst. Maint Officer, Phu Bai CW2 Tom Adams, 1969, Catkiller A, E, P
Aldrich, Thomas ‘Tom’ H. 1971 Pilot, Catkiller 13, 1LT, Sig, Commo Officer, Asst Supply Off,
trans HHC, 11th CAG
at inactivation, COL, USA, Ret.
1LT Tom Aldrich, 1971
Alegi, Thomas, 1968 Catkiller Crew Chief Tom Alegi, Catkiller Crew Chief, 1968 A, E, P
Alexander, Raymond W., Jr.; May 1966—May 1967 CPT, Catkiller Whiskey, 3rd Plat, Marble Mountain Catkiller Whisky, Ray Alexander, Jr., Da Nang, 1966-67 A, E
Allen, George H., 1965–66 SP5 UO 28, 6 June 1965
Allen, Ronald, 1966 WO1, Da nang,
transferred to 92nd Aviation Co. (CV2)
Almond, Richard P., 1971 CPT, Motor Officer CPT Richard J. Almond, Motor Officer, 1971 A,P
Alston, Felix Clyde, 1965–66 1SG, RA38550731 A, E, P 1SG Felix G. Alston, 1965-66
Aman, George; 1966—67 CWO, 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai  
Amberger, William J. ‘Bill,’ 1965 CPT, IN, orig Catkiller, Sec Cdr, 2nd Plat., Hue,
deceased 1984, Mobile, AL (verified)
Silver Star
Page 2
CPT Bill Amberger, 1965
Anderson, Gary N., 1969 SP4, Aircraft Crewman, Phu Bai HOR: Hermiston, OR, SO 208, 17Nov69
Anderson, Quinton D., "Andy" April 1968—May 69 CPT, AT, Catkiller 30/10/03, DFC 12/13/1968,
3rd Plat, Da Nang, then 1st Plat
CPT Andy Anderson, Catkiller 10/3 A, E, P
Anuskewicz, Roger L., 1971 Pilot WO WO Roger Anuskewicz, Catkiller 
Antonoplos, David "Dave" J.; 1966—67 CPT, Catkiller16, Section Ldr, 1st Plat Ldr, Quang Ngai.
2nd tour, 245th SAC, Marble Mountain 1969–70
CPT David J. Antonopolos, Catkiller 16, 1966-67 A, E, P
Arrington, Theron Ray, 1967 CPT, Catkiller, 2nd Plat, Hue Citadel A, E, P
Arrington, Bob, Jan 1969—Jan 70 Catkiller 18, Phu Bai—Dong Ha; O Club Manager, DFC 1969 Bob Arrington, Catkiller 18 A, E, P
Arthur, Ed, 1967—68 SP5, Crewchief Ed Arthur, Catkiller Crew Chief E
Azotea, Rick, circa 1970–71 AO, 101st Abn Div Rick Azotea, AO, 101st Abn Div


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Badger, Stephen, 1967 SP5, Crew Chief, Dong Ha Steve Badger, Crew Chief A, E
Barnbaby, 1965—66 SFC home of record New York
Barnett, Joe, 1968—69 SP5, Catkiller Mechanic, Engine Shop, Phu Bai E
Baronowski, James “Jim,” 1971 CW2, Catkiller 41,
reassigned at deactivation
death verified DMR
born 30 Nov 1950 and died
1 Sep 1973 at the age 22
CW2 Jim Baronowski, Nov 1971
Barsis, Edwin ‘Ed’ T., 1967 SP5, Crew Chief, 4th Plat, Dong Ha Ed Barsis, Catkiller Crew Chief A, P
Bartolo, Anthony M. ‘Tony,’ 1965 Pilot, 4th Plat, departed on arrival E
Bateman, Michael A., 1965—66 SP4, MOS 44C20, promotion order SO 39, dated 18 Oct 1965
Bates, Paul Jennings "PJ" Jr., (Virtual Wall), 1970–71 CPT, Catkiller 13, 1st Plat, Phu Bai, presumed deceased, MIA 10 Aug. 1971 CPT Paul J. Bates
Battee, James Mitchell, 1965–66, 1970 SP5, Flightline, deceased 24 Nov 1998 Battee, Catkiller Mechanic photo from Ray Caryl
Batten, Thomas E., Jr., 1965–66 1LT, Pilot, Quang Ngai, orig Catkiller A, P
Beaty, John Pilot Catkiller 46 E
Bebieff, Billy W., 1969 SP5 mechanic SP5 Billy W. Bebief, Catkiller Mechanic A
Becroft, James ‘Big Otis’O, Jr., 1971 CW2, Catkiller 39 Trans to 478th Avn Co at inactivation
Behny, Donovan E. "Don", 1965–66 CW2, Pilot, Acft Maintenance Technician
CW4 Retired
CW2 Donovan E. Behny, 1965–66, Aircraft maintenance Tech A, P
Behrens, Richard J.,1971 1LT Trans to HHC, 11th CAG on inactivation
Bell, Pete Crewchief  
Bellak, James, May 1966—May '67 SP4, Crew Chief, Ohio A, P
Bennett, Bill J., 1967–68 SFC, MOS 67Z50, Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant SSG Bill Bennett, position unknown
Bentley, Jack 1968—69 CPT, IP, 1st Plat Ldr, Catkiller 17/16, DFC CPT Jack Bentley, Catkiller 16/17 A, E, P
Benton, Paul 1968 Motor Pool SP5  
Bergren, Robert Andrew, 1970—71 Catkiller 16 (LTC retired)  
Berry, Lee F., 1966–68 SSG, Platoon Sgt, 3rd Platoon, DaNang SSG Lee F. Berry, Platoon Sergeant, Da Nang A, E
Berry, William Anthony, 1967
Veterans memorial Virtual Wall
Hometown Newspaper article
1LT, USMC AO, Quang Ngai, KIA, 5 March 1967 1LT Bill Berry, USMC, AO
Bezold, Steven Neil, 1968 1LT, AO, HHB, 2d Bn, 94th Arty, 108th Arty Gp
(Posthumous promotion to CPT)
Air Loss North of the DMZ (with 1LT Lee Harrison)
1LT Steven N. Bezold, AO, 108th Arty, MIA MIA, 29 Oct 1968
Bielot, Richard (Dick), 1966—67 1LT, Hue Plat, Catkiller Echo/21 Catkiller Echo/21, Richard (Dick) Bielot, Hue, 1966-67 A, E, P
Billing, John Henrik "Rik", 1967—68 CPT, Catkiller 25, then Standization Pilot,
3rd Plat, Marble Mountain
deceased SEE NOTE 3 below
Born 2 Nov 1943; died 20 May 1991 (confirmed DMR). Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
1LT Rik Billing
Bjorson, 1970 SP4, Crew Chief, 2nd Plat Phu Bai  
Blades, William Edwin “Bill”,1965—67 SP5, Acft Mech, 2nd Plat, Hue
in country when 220th Avn Co arrived
Asst Plat. Sgt
A, P
Blades, Willis Darwin. 1965—66 SP5, Acft Mech, 2nd Plat, Hue A, promotion order 39, 18 Oct 1965
Blankinship, Jon D., 1965–66 SGT, Maint Hangar, 3rd Plat., Da Nang UO 28, 6 June 1965
Blanchard, Russel H., 1968–June 69 CPT XO, Catkiller 5,
born on November 16, 1937;
died on October 15, 1988 at the age of 50
Confirmed DMR
CPT Russ Blanchard, Catkiller 5
Blevins, Claude N. "Pete", 1969 CPT, Plat Ldr 1st Plat, Catkiller 13/16, DFC CPT Pete Blevins, Catkiller 5 E
Bobst, Dan, 1969–70 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner Papa 1LT Dan Bobst, Sundowner Papa
Bogue, Hardy Zachary "Zach" III, 1967—68 1LT, Catkiller 14, Quang Ngai, sent to the Dong Ha platoon in Jan68
to help cover the DMZ during Khe Sanh,
later the liberation of Hue.
DFC 24 Jan 1968, DMZ, MAJ retired, 44 Air Medals
1LT Zach Bogue, Catkiller 14 A, E
Bonning, Francis G., “Jerry,” April 1968—March 69 1LT, Catkiller 44/33, DOR: 6 Dec 67 1LT Francis G. Bonning, Catkiller 44/33 A, E, P
Booe, Paul, 1971 Pilot A, E, P
Boothby, Tony C., 1969 SGT, Aircraft Mechanic, Phu Bai
Verified. T C Boothby was born on July 15, 1948 and died on October 01, 1992 at the age of 44.
SGT Tony C. Boothby, Catkiller Mechanic
Bordeaux, Harold P. "Paul", March—June 1971 CPT, Catkiller 46/6 (May 9-24),
departed June 71 for 11th CAG
SS Citation, DFC Citation, 46-AM
Obituary, MAJ Harold P. Bordeaux, deceased 2015
Harold P. Bordeaux, Catkiller 46/6
Borgen, Ivon "Ike", 1966–67 1LT, 2nd Plat, Hue, WIA 8 Jan 67, evacuated to USS Repose, recovered and
reassigned 219th RAC, then to 282nd “Black Cats”
1LT Ike Borgen, Hue, 1966-67 A, E, P
Bostwick, Carl L., 1971 SSG, Tech Inspector
deceased 9 Oct 2017
SP6 Carl L. Bostwick, Catkiller Tech Inspector, 1971
Bounds, Roger S., 1968–69 Pilot CPT, Catkiller 11/33, DFC Roger Bounds, Catkiller 11 A, E, P
Boutwell, Robert Marshall "Bo", Aug 1969—April 70 CPT, Catkiller 12/04, 1st Platoon, PBO CPT Bo Boutwell, Catkiller 12 A, E, P
Bowen, Fred W., 1965 1LT, Pilot, assigned to 74th Avn Co A, P
Bowen, Gerald, June 1968—'69 SP4, Aircraft Mechanic SP4 Gerald Bowen, Catkiller Mechanic A, E, P
Boyce, Walter “Chip”, April 1967–April 68 SP5, Crew Chief, 3rd Plat., Da Nang, Marble Mountain Air Facility SP5 Walter (Chip) Boyce, Catkiller Crew Chief, 67-68 A, E
Boyles, Calvin E., 1967 CPT, Pilot, 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai
Wounded In Action, 5 March 1967 Marine AO Berry KIA
CPT Calvin Boyles, Catkiller16 E
Bozarth, Terance M., 1968

1LT, Catkiller 29
Vietnam Memorial Wall—Panel 40E Line 058
KIA, 22 Feb. 1968, Silver Star (Posthumous)

1LT Terrance Bozarth, 1968
Bradley, Ervin F., 1969 SGT, Aircraft Mechanic, Plat SGT, Phu Bai SGT Ervin F. Bradley, 1969 A, E, P
Bradley, Roger E., 1965 SP4, Crew Chief, Da Nang, 3rd Plat
orininal unit
UO 28, 6 June 1965
SP4 Roger E. Bradley, Catkiller Crew Chief,1965-66 A, E, P
Bradshaw, 1971 SP4  
Brand, Leonard C.,
June 1966–June 1967
SP4, Crew Chief, Phu Bai and 3rd Platoon Marble Mtn SP4 Leonard C. Brand, Catkiller Crew Chief,1966-67 E
Brennan, Paul V., 1969—70 CPT, 3rd Plat Ldr, Opns Officer, Catkiller 36/3 CPT Paul V. Brennan, Catkiller 3/36 A, E, P
Breitweiser, 1971 SP4  
Brett, Joseph “Beans,” 1969–70 1LT, 108th Sundowner Yankee 1LT Joe Brett, 108th Arty AO A, E, P
Briggs, 1971 SP4  
Brinkley, Lemuel G. Jr., "Lem"; 1966—67 CPT, Catkiller, 3rd Plat, DaNang/Maint, Supply Officer, Phu Bai, DFC CPT Lemuel Brinkley, 3rd Platoon
Broberg, Daryl Rodney, 1968–69 SP4, Aircraft Mechanic, Phu Bai SP4 Daryl R. Broberg, Catkiller mechanic A
Brodeur, Louie “Stache”, 1967–68 Crew Chief, Da Nang  
Broussard, 1969 SP4, Mechanic SP4 Broussard, Catkiller mechanic, 1969
Brown, Charles E., 1965—66 SP4, Mechanic, US52602942 home of record Virginia
Brown, Gerald N., 1967—68 SP4, MOS 67B20, DEROS 9 June 1969  
Brown, Michael E., March 1967—Oct. 1968 SP5, Catkiller Crewchief, Section Ldr, 1st Platoon
Quang Ngai, Da Nang, Phu Bai, and Dong Ha
Air Medal for back seat missions at Quang Ngai
SP5 Michael Brown, Catkiller Crew Chief A, E, P
Brown, Randolph A., 1969 SP4, Aircraft Crewman, Phu Bai  
Brown, Robert R., 1971 CPT, 1981 Trans to HHC, 11thCAG at inactivation
Brown, Warren J., 1966-67 SP4, Crew Chief/Tech Inspector E
Brubaker, Lee Pilot  
Bruton, Charles W., Jr. "Bud", 1968—69 CPT, Catkiller 18/27, DFC
DEROS June 69
CPT Bud Bruton, Catkiller 18/27 A, E, P
Brzezinski, Louis T., Jan 1970—July 70 Pilot, 1st Plat Ldr, Catkiller 16 A, E, P
Buchanan, 1971 SP5  
Buley, Dennis   E
Bumgardner, Leonard “Lynn,” 1968—69 CPT, Catkiller 14/09, Phu Bai, DFC 1LT Leonard Bumgardner, Catkiller 14/9 A, E, P
Bunger, Harold D., 1969 SFC, Platoon Sergeant, 2nd Platoon SFC Harold D. Bunger, Platoon Sergeant, 1969
Bunn, Lloyd E. (SFC Retired) SP5, U-6 mechanic, Phu Bai E
Burke, Scott Randall, 1969—70 Pilot, Catkiller 33, deceased 1986 Scott Randall Burke, Catkiller 33
Burnell, Chris, 1968 unknown Colorado
Burnett, Gerald E., 1970–71 SP5  
Burquette, Lambert M., 1971 SP4  
Buster, Morris R. "Rich", May 1968—Dec 1969 SP5, Crew Chief, Phu Bai, Dong Ha SP5 Morris Buster, Crew Chief, Phu Bai/Dong Ha A, E, P
Butler, Michael   E
Butterfield, Wayne, 1969 SP5, Flightline  
Byrd, Hugh McNeil 'Mac' Jr., 1968—69 Virtual Wall:search Byrd 1LT, IN, Catkiller 24, Berea, KY
KIA, deceased 9 Jan. 1969
Lost with Kevin O´Brien
Not recovered
1LT Mack Byrd, Catkiller 24, 1968-69, KIA 9 Jan 1969


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Cabell, R. Brown, 1971 WO1 Catkiller 14/9, AMO
(CW5, USA, Ret.)
WO1 R. Brown Cabell, Catkiller 14/9, 1971 A, E, P
Cabral, Jose Maria, 1969 SP5, Cook San Mateo, CA
Cahill, Terrance Catkiller E
Caldwell, Floyd Dean, March 1971–Dec 1971 SSG, Aircraft Technical Inspector, MIA Dec 14, 1971. Lost over South China Sea. Virtual Wall page SSG Floyd Dean Caldwell, Aircraft Technical Inspector, 1971
Campbell, Loyal Dean, May 1968–20 May 69 SP4, 231st Signal Det, deceased 21 April 2015 SP4 Loyal Dean Campbell, 231st Signal Det
Caparotta, Ronald R., 1965—66 SP4, Phu Bai, MOS 68G20
(Aircraft Structural Repairer) promotion order
Catkiller Original, SO 39, dated 18 Oct 1965
Cardillo, Anthony "Tony"; 1966 1LT, Catkiller, transferred to 183rd RAC  
Careccia, Dominick L., 1965—66 SFC, Plt SGT, 3rd Plat, Da Nang; 1SGT 1967—68 SFC Dominick L. Careccia, Platoon SGT, 3rd Plat., Da NangA, E, P, as of July 6,13
Carlin, James "Jim" R., June 1966—June 1967 Pilot, CPT, 3rd Plat Ldr, DaNang/Supply Officer Phu Bai in 1967
deceased 16 Sept 2014, Texas
CPT James R. Carlin, 3rd Plat. Ldr., Da Nang
Carlisle, R (Rick) L., 1967 CPT, USMC AO, 3rdMarDiv, Hong Ha  
Carswell, Robert W., 1967—68 LT, USMC, AO, Dong Ha, Phu bai, 3d MarDiv (Rein) FMF  
Caryl, Raymond G., 1967—68 CPT, Pilot Catkiller 32/42, DFC

Catkiller Historian, effective 27 May 2014
CPT Ray Caryl, 1967, Marble Mountain, Fall 1967 A, E
Casey, 1967 Pilot WO/MNT  
Castleberry, George, 1965–66 Specialist, unknown  
Castren, Floyd A., 1967—68 CW2, Catkiller 09, Maintenance Officer
deceased 06/23/2004, Menahga, MN
CW4 (Ret.)
CW2 Flloyd Castren, Maintenance Officer, 1967—68
Caton, Ed, Mar. 1967—Oct. 68 SP5, Crewchief, Phu Bai, Quang Ngai and Dong Ha SP5 Ed Caton, Catkiller Crew Chief E
Cavazos, Motor Pool  
Caverhill, Phil, 1968—69 E-5, US Army, on ‘loan’ to
USMC VARSAC AO Sec. and sidekick to Maj. Tank Meehan
SGT Phil Caverhill, USMC AO A, E, P
Cayton, Eddie Crewchief  
Cerne, Roger 1968 CPT, Phu Bai CPT Roger Cerne, pilot, 220th Avn Co A, P
Chaki, Louis C., Jr., 1969 SP4, Aircraft Mechanic, Phu Bai  
Chancellor, Robert L., 1965 CPT, 1st wave, 3rd Plat. Ldr., Da Nang CPT Robert L. Chancellor, 3rd Platoon Ldr, 220th Avn Co, courtesy Bill Everett A, P
Chandler, Reuben H., 1970 CPT, Catkiller 45 CPT Reuben Chandler, Catkiller 45 
Chancey, Steve R., 1971 CW2, Catkiller 31 A, P
Chapin, Steve, 1971 CPT, MP, Platoon Ldr (previously section ldr, 4th Plat). Departed to be the Provost Marshall at Marble Mountain CPT Steve Chapin, 1971
Cherrix, Stanley L., 1971 Cpt, Section Ldr,
Trans to HHC, 223rd CAB at inactivation
CPT Stanley L. Cherrix, 1971
Chilene, Ed 1967-68 SP5, Motor Pool  
Chong, Sergio, 1967 SP4, Crew Chief, Hue  
Choppa, Richard B, 1966 SP4, Aircraft Mechanic, Phu Bai  
Chrobak, Walter J., 1965 1LT, Pilot, orig Catkliier trans to 74th Avn Co upon arrival
Clark, David L., 1971 SP4, Sheet metal shop, Phu Bai  
Clark, Gary L., 1967–68 MAJ, Catkiller 6, deceased 2 September 2013 MAJ Gary L. Clark, Catkiller 6
Clark, Thomas E., 1970—71 CPT, Catkiller 36, DFC
CPT Tom Clark, Catkiller 36 A, E, P
Clement, Edgar D, Jr., "Doc" 1968—69 CPT, AR, Catkiller 18, DFC
DEROS May 69
CPT Doc Clement, Catkiller 18 A, E, P
Clemens, Andy, 1971 SP5  
Cleveland, 1970 PFC, Chrew Chief Phu Bai  
Clobes, 1971 SP4  
Cluggish, Raymond F., Jr., July 1965—3 Sept 1966 SP4, 1st Plt. Quang Ngai (2-months), then Crew Chief, Da Nang
UO 28, 6 June 1965
Coffman, Walter L., 1968–69 CPT, IN, Catkiller 10, DEROS Feb 69  
Cooper, Ervil, 1969 unknown Muncie, IN
Cooper, Sammy, 1969 SP5, In charge of Sheet Metal Shop  
Coito, George    
Cole, Charles M., 1969 SP5, Aircraft Mechanic, Phu Bai  
Collins, Carl G; 1966—67 CPT, USMC, AO, 3rd Marine Div CPT Carl Collins, Marine AO A, E, P
Combs, David, 1968 USMC AO, 3rd Marine Div, (Delta) E
Combs, Unknown, 1966 SFC, Platoon SGT, 1st Plat, Quang Ngai SFC Combs, Platoon Sergeant, 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai, 1966
Conley, Daniel G, 1971 WO1 Trans to 203rd ASHC at inactivation
Cook, Arlyn L., 1960—70 CPT, Catkiller 40  
Copland, Morton R. "Bob", 1966—67 SP4, Operations Specialist,
Letter of Commendation
SP4 Bob Copland, Operations Specialist, 1966-67 E
Copp, Gary, Feb–June 1971 CPT, Catkiller 5/11, Exec Officer, pilot
Cdr, HHC, 11th Combat Aviation Group (CAG), Da Nang, July–Dec 1971
CPT Gary Copp,  Catkiller 5/11, Feb-June 1971 A, E, P
Corcoran, Richard F., 1967–68 CAPT, USMC, AO, 3rd MarDiv, KIA June 7, 1968
NJ Memorial Wall
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Virtual Wall.org
CAPT Richard F. Cororan, USMC, AO, 3rd Mar Div, 1967-68
Cortner, Robert M. “Bob,” 1967–68 CPT, TC, Catkiller 13/28, DFC
DEROS Nov 68
Deceased 2 April 2014
CPT Robert L. Cortner, Catkiller13/28, 1967-68
Coryell, James; 1966—67 SSG, Maint NCO, Phu Bai E
Cotton, 1971 SSG  
Covino, Robert P. “Bob,” 1965—66 1LT, Det. CDR, 231st Signal 1LT Robert B. Covino, Det. Cdr, 231st Signal Det, 1965-66 A, E, P
Crawford, Bob, April 1968–April 69 Phu Bai, 231th Sig Detachment/220 RAC E
Crawford, Howard, 1965 PFC from a roster of EM who rifle qualified
Critchett SP5  
Crowther, Ralph H., 1965–66 SP4, UO 28, 6 June 1965, Crew Chief,
Quang Ngai, joined 220th after inactivation
of 73rd Avn Co
A, P
Cummings, Scott 1968-69 Motor Pool Sgt Phu Bai SGT Scott Cummings, Catkiller Motor Pool SGT 1968-69 A, E, P
Cummings, Scott 1971 SP5 A, E, P
Cuneo, John R., 1966–67 CPT, USMC, AO, Blackcoat 14 at Chu Lai and Da Nang; Sacred Quebec, 3rd MarDiv, at Phu Bai A, E, P
Cunningham, Johnny 1969 Motor Pool SP4 Phu Bai  
Currie, Dennis D. 1966-68 SP5, Crew Chief/inspector, Quang Tri, Phu Bai SP5 Dennis Currie, Catkiller Chrew Chief/Inspector A, E, P
Curry, Jerry Ralph, Major 1965—66 MAJ, Catkiller 6, 1st CDR (MG Ret.).
Awarded the Legion of Merit for his tour as the Cdr.
BG Jerry Ralph Curry, Catkiller 6 (MG Ret) A, E, P


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Davidson, Thomas A., 1965–66 1LT, Pilot, see p. 14, Acft Maint Log, 1965-70 1LT Thomas A. Davidson, Catkiller Original 1965
Davis, Grayson L., April 1968–April 69 CPT, AT, Catkiller 45/3, DOR 1 Feb 68 CPT Grayson L. Davis, Catkiller 45/3 A, E, P
Davis, Jack R., 1969–70 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner Zulu 1LTJack R. Davis, Sundowner Zulu A, E, P
Davis, Joseph W. “Joe”
May 1966–June 1967
CPT, Asst. Opns Off/Catkiller 30, 3rd Plat. DaNang CPT Joseph W. Davis, Catkiller 30 A, E, P
Davis, Melvin L., 1965–66 1LT, Pilot, orig Catkiller (LTC Ret.)
DFC, Feb. 1966
1LT Melvin L. Davis, Catkiller Original, 1965-66 A, E, P
Decker, Lynn D., June 1970– June 71 CW2, SO 4205, 24 May 71
Decker, Toby; 1966—67 1LT, CDR, 231st Signal Det., Phu Bai,
attached to 220th RAC
1LT Toby Decker, Commander, 231st Signal Det, 1966-67 A, E, P
De Groft, Herbert W. "Herb", Apr 1966— May ´67 CPT, USMC, AO, MACV Advisory Team 2, Chu Lai/Quang Ngai LT Herbert W. De Groft, USN, Quang Ngai, 1966-67 A, E, P
Deibert, Charles 'Larry', Jan.15, '67—Jan. 15 '68 CPT, Catkiller 10 (Quang Ngai)/ 2 (Phu Bai) /46 (Dong Ha), DSC citation; DFC; DFC (1OLC); Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army CPT Larry Deibert, Catkiller 10/46 A,E,P
De La Fuente, Angel G., 1971 SP4, Aircraft mechanic SP4 Angel G. De La Fuente, 1971 A, E, P
De Los Santos, Ronald, Feb. 1966—Aug 1966 CW2, Catkiller 1, 3rd Plat, Da Nang CW2 Ronald De Los Santos, 3rd Plat, 1966 A, E
Delcamp, Dale 'Dudley', March 1968—June '69, SP5 Wings of Freedom Open Mess manager, (7 clubs; official MOS 67B20 Crew Chief) Dudley Delcamp, Open Mess Manager A, E, P
DeMarchie, Richard "Dick"; 1966—67 CWO, Catkiller, DFC  
DeMots, John Michael; Aug. 1970— Aug. 71 CW2, Catkiller 42 CW2 John M. DeMots, Catkiller 42 A, E
Demphsey, Theodore W., 1967 SP4, Catkiller Crew Chief, 2nd Plat, Hue Deceased January 2010, confirmed with family
De Noux, Neil, 1966—67 SSG, Mess Steward, Phu Bai  
Dent, Skip Shotgun 43  
Dewberry, Dennis, 1969 unknown Hollywood, FL
Diedrich, David ‘Hero’ A., 1971 CPT, 1980 Trans to178th AHC at inactivation
Diehl, Richard, 1970 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner Delta  
DiGrezio, Gerald A. "Jerry", Jan. 1970—Jan. 1971 CPT, Pilot/Opns Off., Catkiller 25/3, DFC
CPT Jerry DiGrezio, Catkiller 25/3 A, E, P
Dillingham, John, 1965 WO1, Hue, formerly with
I Corps Aviation Company until the unit deactivated
WO John Dillingham, Catkiller 1965 E
Dinan, Stephean A.,1971 WO1, trans 48th AHC at inactivation WO Stephen A. Dinan, Catkiller 
Dodson, Bob Flightline Robinson, IL
Dolan, Dennis L., 1968–69 CPT, AR, Catkiller 23, DEROS May 69 E
Dolan, Thomas Albert, August 1971 SP5, 101st Military Intelligence Company,
101st Airborne Division
Wall of Faces, VVMF
SP5 Thomas Albert Dolan, 101st Abn, KIA August 1971
Domine, Robert "Bob," June 1967—July 1968 CPT, Catkiller 12 CPT Robert Domine, Catkiller 12A, E, P
Dominic, Michael Motor Pool  
Donnick, Mike, 1968–69 Catkiller mechanic, E
Donnelly, Francis “Buddy,” 1968 CPT, AT, Catkiller 40, 212th Bn, DEROS May 69 CPT Bud Donnelly, Catkiller 40CPT Bud Donnelly, Catkiller 40 E
Dortch, William R. (Bill), 1970 Pilot, CPT, Catkiller AC Maint Off.  
Douglas, Chuck, 1969–70 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner Charlie  
Downs, Raymond E., June 1968–13 June 69 SP4, Crew Chief/Mechanic
company roster: 29 August 1968
deceased 1998, confirmed by family
Drange, Stuart, 1970—71 AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner Charlie E
Drechsel, Carl CPT, Catkiller 30 CPT Carl Drechsel, Catkiller 30 A, E, P
Dudek, Charles R., 1969—Aug '70 CW2, Pilot, Catkiller 32, DFC
WO Charles R. Dukek, 1970 A, E, P
Duenow, Mark "Dino", 1969–70 WO, Catkiller 21 (CW4, retired) WO Mark Duenow, Catkiller 21A, E, P
Dumas, Johnny 1967—68 SGT, Maint SGT  
Dunne, Robert V.; 1966—67 MAJ, Catkiller 6, Cdr. 14 Oct 66—1 Apr 1967
MAJ Bob Dunne, Catkiller 6
MAJ Bob Dunne, Catkiller 6
Arlington National Cemetery
interment: 25 Aug 2005
Duplessis, Jr., Troy, 1967 CPT, Quang Ngai (also served in the 221st Avn Co). CPT Troy Duplessis, Jr., 1967,. Quang Ngai E
Dyall, 1971 SP4  


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Early, Andy, 1969 SSG, Operations, Phu Bai  
Easterling, Darrell, 1970—71 SP4  
Edgar, 1971 PFC  
Edwards, 1971 Sgt  
Eldridge, Ronald, Jan 1970–Jan 71 SGT, Cat Killers Open Mess, EM–NCO, Flightline engine repairs  
Elliott, Thomas "Tom", 1968–69 SP5, Crewchief, Phu Bai, Da Nang E, P
Ellison, Tannie Walter "Pee Wee," 1969 SP4, Aircraft Crewman, supply A, E, P
Epling, Wirt. Giles, 1968–69 First Sergeant, Obituary

1SG H. G. Epling, Catkiller First Sergeant, 1968-69
1SG H. G. Epling, Catkiller First Sergeant, 1968-69
Estep, Jim?, 1968–69 SP5, U–6 Crew Chief  
Estes, Nov–Dec 1967 MAJ, interim Catkiller 16,1st Plat Leader, Quang Ngai MAJ Estes, interim platoon leader, 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai
Estes, Joe, 1968 Specialist, 3rd Plat, Marble Mountain  
Ethridge, 1971 SP4  
Evans, Charles H., 1965—66 Grave stone for CPT (P) Charles H. Evans, killed in a helicopter accident 5 September 1967
CPT, Catkiller 16, 1st Plat Ldr, Quang Ngai
Accident newspaper clipping5 September 1967
CPT Charles H. Evans, Catkiller 16
Evans, Glenn, 1970—71 SP5, Catkiller Crew Chief SP5 Glen, Evans, Catkiller Crew Chief, 1970-71 A, E, P
Everett, William E. ‘Bill’,
1965—June 1966
CPT, Catkiller 16, 1st Plat. LDR, (MAJ Ret.) CPT William E. Everett, Catkiller 16 A, E, P


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Fajerson, Gustof Otto, 1965—67 Mechanic, designed first unit patch, SFC, retired
Interred 18 Nov 2010
SP5 Gustof Otto Fajerson, April 1967
Fatera, Frank, 1968 Mechanic, Engine Shop unknown
Faulkner, Bill, July 1967—June 68 CPT, Catkiller 20/26, Plat. Ldr., Hue Citadel/Phu Bai A, E, P
Faust, Jay 1968 SGT, Flightline  
Feeley, Patrick "Pat", 1966 WO1, Pilot, Da Nang
transferred to 92nd Aviation Co. (CV2),
183rd RAC
WO1 Patrick Feeley, 1966 A, E, P
Felton, William D. “Bill”, 1967–68 CPT, TC, 3rd Platoon Cdr, Catkiller 36/03, Opns Officer
DEROS Oct 68
Fenstemaker, Bill, 1969 SP5, Flightline  
Fenwick, Jay, 1969 WO, Catkiller 22, deceased June 2, 2002 WO Jay Fenwick, Catkiller 22E
Ferguson, Robert W."Bob", 1971–deactivation WO1, Catkiller 31.
Have Zippo inscribed: 'FERG' Catkiller 31 (N9540Q). Verified DMR
WO Robert "Bob" Ferguson, Catkiller 31
Fernandez, Walter "Chico", 1966—67 CPT, 2nd Plat. Hue, OPS Officer/Asst OPS Officer (S2-Intel and Security) CPT Walter Fernandez, 1966-67A, E, P
Fero, Ronald M, 1965 WO, original Catkiller, Scotia, NY Virtual Wall: KIA, died 20 Dec.1965, flight opns in Vietnam
Fetera, Francis, 1968—69 SP5, Aircraft Mechanic  
Figueras, 1971 PFC  
Finch, Charles S., Jr., 1968—70 CPT, AT, Catkiller 19, SS, DFC CPT Charles Finch, Catkiller 19 A, E, P
Fitts, Charlie, November 1967–June 1969 SP5, Tech Inspector SP5 Charlie Fitts, Catkiller Tech Inspector A, E, P
Fleckinstien, Bill, May 1968–May 70 unknown Medford, OR
Fogglemon, 1971 SP4  
Foster, Bob, 1971 Catkiller 30  
Freck, Larry, "Bob", 1967 CPT, Sec. Ldr., Plt Ldr 4th Plat, Spring '67, DFC Possibly living in Oklahoma
Freihoff–Lewin, Robert, June 1968–July 1969 SP5, HQ Crew Chief, Phu Bai A, E, P
Freitas, Daniel "Danny", 1968—69 SP5, Crew Chief, Marble Mountain/Phu Bai SP5 Danny Freitas, Catkiller Crew Chief, 1968-69 A, E, P
Frey, Gene B., 1967—68 CPT, AR, Catkiller 22/31
DEROS Oct 68
CPT Gene B. Frey, Catkiller 22/31, 1967-68 A, E, P
Friend, Dwight, 1969 SP5, Flightline  
Fritchig, 1971 SP4  
Frost, Sam L., 1970–71 SP4, Crewchief A, E, P
Fudge, Gerald W., 1965 1LT, Pilot, trans to 74th Avn Co upon arrival A, P
Fuller, 1968 Flightline SP5 Phu Bai  


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Gaddis, Marcus D., 1969 Pilot, Catkiller 35 Mark Gaddis, Catkiller 35, 1969 E
Gallagher, Jay, 1966 1LT 1LT Jay Gallagher, 1966
Gallo, Carl Eugene “Butch”, July 1966–July 1967 SP5, Flight line mechanic
deceased 18 April 2010
Gallo, Kenneth,
Feb 1967–Nov 1967
SGT, Motor Sergeant (bro of Carl) A., E, P
Gardner, Ted G., 1971 Pilot WO trans to 223rd CAB on inactivation
Garcia, Felipe P., 1969 SP5, Aircraft Crewman, Phu Bai Felipe Pablo Garcia was born on June 30, 1931 and died on January 31, 2009 at the age of 77. This person last resided in Loving, New Mexico.
Garin, Paul, 1970—71 CPT, Pilot, Catkiller 08 CPT Paul Garin, Catkiller 8 A, P
Garth, Robert Wilton Jr., 1966 (Virtual Wall: or search Garth) CPT, 1st Plat Ldr Quang Ngai, Madison, GA
recommended for the DSC
(from his Memorial Service bulletin).
No record of any award
KIA, 23 Sep. 1966, buried Marietta Nat. Cem.
CPT Robert Wilton Garth, Jr.
Gates, Richard E. “Rick,”
June 1970–8 May 1971
CPT, 4th Platoon Leader 17 Jan–27 Mar 71, Catkiller 41/46 CPT RichardE. Gates, Catkiller 41/46 A, E, P
Gaunt, James C. ‘Jim’, 1971 CWO, Catkiller 17 CWO Jim Guant, Catkiller 17  CWO Jim Guant, Catkiller 17 E
Gebhardt, Raymond Gene, 1969 MAJ, Commander, Catkiller 6,
born on May 14, 1932 and
died 19 Dec 1993, at the age of 61
Confirmed DMR
MAJ Gene Gebhardt, Catkiller 6, 1969
Gemza, Roger Catkiller E
Giles, 1971 SP5  
Glatz, Duane; 1966—67 CPT, Flight Surgeon, 131st/Catkillers  
Glavin, Jim; Feb. 1966—June 1967 LT/JG US Navy, NILO, Hue (backseat AO) A, E [Naval Intelligence Liaison Officer]
Glendinning, James D., 1965—66 SP5, SO 278, 8 Dec 1965 in unit 1 Oct 1965
Gliszczynski, Anthony G., 1971 SP5, Motor Pool SP5 Anthony Gliszczynski, Motor pool, 1971 E
Godfrey, Wade H., 1969—70 Pilot, CW2, Catkiller (KA-39 Camera Pod Project), DFC
WO Wade Godfrey, Catkille
Goldberg, Ron 1969-70 Pilot WO E
Gonzales, Tim 1968 Flightline SP5 Phu Bai  
Gonzales, 1971 SSgt  
Goode, Charlie, 1966 CPT, USMC AO (Sacred Romeo), 3rdMarDiv, (COL, USMC Ret.)DFC CPT Charlie Goode, 3rd Mar Div AO, 1966 E
Goodrum, Charles L. "Chuck", 1971 CPT, XO, Catkiller05/36 CPT Chuck Goodrum, Catkiller 5/36 A, E, P
Goodspeed, Robert Lloyd “Bobby”, 1968—69 CPT, Catkiller 15, deceased July 7, 1999
CPT Bobby Goodspeed, 1968, 1969
Gore, Bruce, 1971 SP4, Motor Pool  
Gram, 1971 PFC  
Granwehr, Mike, 1979 1LT, USMC AO, 3rd MarDiv 1st Lt Mike Granwehr, USMC AO, 3rd MarDiv, Dong Ha
Grass, Steven A., 1969 CPT, Catkiller 46 CPT Steven A. Grass, Catkiller 46
Green, Columbus E., 1965—66 SP4, MOS 94B20, promotion order SO 39, dated 18 Oct 1965
Green, Frank G., Oct–Dec 1971 1LT, 101st AO (attached) 1LT Frank G. Green, 101st AO, 1971 E
Greenfield, Donald, 1965 PFC from roster of EM who rifle qualified
Greenawalt, William 'Greenie', 1969—70 Flightline '69-70  
Grehlinger, John T., 1965–66 SP4 UO 28, 6 June 1965
Grier, Gordon B., 1971 WO1, Catkiller 22, Asst AMO WO1 Gordon B Grier, Catkiller 22 E
Grimes, 1968 SSG, Supply SGT Phu Bai  
Grimsley, Bill; 1967 CPT, 4th Platoon Ldr March—May, Dong Ha brought platoon back from 219th Avn Co, March 1967
Grocox, Dewey, 1965-66 SP5 Original Catkiller Crew Chief SP5 Dewey Grocox, Crewchief, 1965 A, E, P
Grooms, Ronald L., 1965 1LT, Pilot, orig Catkiller (MAJ Ret.), Death verified by widow.
Cdr, 162nd Avn Co (Air Mobile Lt) Jan 72–Apr 72
Ronald L. Grooms, Original Catkiller, 1965
Grove, Tim, 1969 unknown Indiana
Guerrero, Antonio T., Rick, 1965—66 Crew Chief, 1st Plat., Quang Ngai  
Guinn, Jack L., from July 1970 MAJ, CDR, Catkiller 6 MAJ Jack Guinn, Catkiller 6


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Haaland, John, 1967 USMC AO, 3rd MarDiv, Dong Ha  
Haines, Palmer Swift; 1966—67 CPT, 2nd Platoon Ldr, Hue
deceased, September 2004. See notice at catcom10-2004
(archived '02 - '04)
CPT Palmer Haines, Catkiller 26
Hair, Walter, 1967 1LT, Pilot, 2nd Plat, Hue Citadel  
Hall, Harry 1967   Harry Hall, job unknown
Hamilton, Larry 1968 unknown Ashland, OR
Hamley, Barry N., 1965 1LT, Pilot, departed on arrival  
Hamm, Joseph Lavoy; 1966—67 CW2, Catkiller, Hue, Acft Repair Tech, Phu Bai WO Joe Hamm, 1967, photo courtesy Toby Decker
Hammel, Charles F., 1966—67 MAJ (Lt Col. ret), USMC, 3rd MarDiv, AO Team Chief,
born 22 March 1931, died 27 Dec 2004
Temecula, CA
Phu Bai
Happe, Robert E. "Bob," 1967–68 1LT, USMC AO, 3rd MarDiv, Dong Ha, Phu Bai 1LT Bob Happe, USMC AO, 1967-68
Harris, James A, 1965 1LT ,ADA, Hue (05223565) 1LT Jim Harris, Hue, 1965-66
Harrison, Darrell, 1966–67 Catkiller Crew Chief, 1st Plat, Quang Ngai Dale Harrison, Catkiller Crew Chief, 1966-67 E
Harrison, Donald Lee, 1968 (Virtual Wall) 1LT, IN, Catkiller 49, MAJ (posthumous),
24 July 1946 - 14 Jan. 1980, Chamblee, GA
MIA, 29 October 1968, later declared deceased.
Posthumous SS
CPT Lee Harrison, Catkiller 49
Harrison, Ulysses, 1—21 March 1966 CPT, Catkiller Original, 1st Platoon at Quang Ngai (rec'm DFC/Gallantry, per Bill Everett. WIA, evacuated to Chu Lai, Marine Hospital. S/N  05413085
Hartman, Benjamin C. Jr., 1965—66 CPT, Catkiller Original, 3rd Plat. Ldr, Da Nang
KIA second tour ,Sep 19, 1968
Vietnam Wall: search Hartman
CPT Benjamin C. Hartman, Jr., 3rd Platoon Ldr, Quang Ngai
Harvey, Marvin R., 1965—66 SP4, Crewchief SP4 Marvin Harvey, Crew Chief A, P
Harvey, Thomas J., 1970—71 CPT, IN, Catkiller 34, DFC
CPT Thomas J. Harvey, Catkiller 34
Hastings, John H., 1966 1LT, Pilot, left unit upon arrival  
Hatton, Edward T., April 1968—Sep 1968 Pilot, CPT, Catkiller 25 A, E, P (retired LTC)
Haworth, Gerald Glynn, 1971 CW2, Phu Bai
trans HHC, 223d CAB at inactivation
Hayes, Gene K., 1969—70 CPT, Catkiller 10; died Mar 13, 2010 CPT Gene Hayes, Catkiller 10
Haygood, George H.,1971–
WO1, Catkiller 18, departed after stand–down;
moved to Phu Loi with 74th RAC, Aloft,
deceased April 2014 (unconfirmed)
WO George Haygood, Catkiller
Heath, 1968-69 Flightline SFC, Phu Bai  
Helsel, Wayne R., Oct–Dec 1971 WO, Pilot
(Captain, United Airlines)
WO Wayne R. Helsel, 1971 E
Henderson, Stephen, Sept 1968–Dec 69 SP4, Supply Clerk, Phu Bai E
Henderson, Peter, July—Sept 1968 AO, 82nd Airborne Div [w/2nd Plat];
AO with the 101st out of Chu Chi October 1968;
AO with Air Force ‘Gimpy FACs’ out of Ton Son Nhut from November 68–May 69
Peter Henderson, AO, w/Catkiller 2nd PlatPeter Henderson, AO, current photo
A, E
Herring, John W., 1968—69 CPT, IN, Catkiller 26, DFC, DFC (1st OLC)
DEROS May 69
CPT John Herring, Catkiller 26 A, E, P
Herrington, Brent, 1968–69 Photographer, 1st MIBARS
Heying, Henry J., 1965 SP4, MOS 71h20 UO 39, 18 Oct 1965
Hillman, John Stephen, March 1969—Dec 1970 CPT, Catkiller 46/3, 3-DFCs,
deceased 6 January 2014
CPT John Hillman, Catkiller 46/3
Hodges, Joe 1966-67 CPT, 3rd Plat., CatKiller Zulu, DaNang, SS
deceased Dec. 15, 2009
CPT Joe Hodges, Catkiller Zulu
Hoffman, 1971 SP4  
Hohmann, Thomas E., 1971 WO1, Catkiller 37 Trans 203rd ASHC at inactivation
Hollifield, Forrest H., 1970 1LT, AO, 108th Arty
non-hostile aircraft accident,
Dong Ha, 30 July 1970
with WO Lee Peters
1LT Forrest H. Hollifield, AO, 108th Arty Gp, 1970
Holihan, John M. Sr., 1966—67 Pilot, Catkiller 40 (orig Dong Ha Plt.), (formerly a 219th RAC pilot), DFC John Holihan, Catkiller 40 A, E, P
Hollomon, James Harmon, 1968–69 SP4, Aircraft Electrician
Deceased 12 July 2017, verified DMR
SP4 Jim Holloman, Baytown, Texas
Holt, Robert D., 1971 CPT, reassigned at deactivation, 14 Dec 1971
Verified, DMR
born on August 23, 1949 and died
on July 02, 2003 at the age of 53
Hooper, William C. "Bill", Oct 1968—26 March 69 CPT, Catkiller 12, SS, DFC CPT Bill Hooper, Catkiller 12A, E, P
Hopfinger, Allen L.,1971 CPT, 1980 Trans 173rd AHC at inactivation
Horne, Elmer R., 1969 SGT, MOS: 05C40, HOR: Wainwright, TX (SO 186, 9Oct1969)
Houghtlen, Ronald C., 1965—66 SP4, MOS 94B20, promotion order SO 39, dated 18 Oct 1965
Houston, Ken, 1969 unknown East Alton, IL
Hoyhem, 1971 SP4  
Hubbard, Unknown, 1966 SP4, Crew Chief, 2nd Plat, Hue Crew Chief of the Month, Feb 1966
Huber, Robert, 1971 SP4, Motor Pool SP4 Robert Huber, Catkiller Motor Pool
Hudson, James R., Jr., 1968 CPT, CE, Catkiller 12 CPT Jim Hudson, Catkiller 12A, E, P
Hughes, Unknown, 1967 1SG  
Hughes, Cliff AO, 108th Arty SGT Cliff Hughes, AO, 108th Arty, 69-70 E
Humphrey, Mike (under Stoke's command) SP4, U-6 Crew Chief, Phu Bai A, E, P
Hutchinson, Jerry   E
Hurtado, 1971 SP5  
Huston, Larry 1968-69 SP5, Crew Chief, Phu Bai, deceased June 29, 2012 SP5 Larry Huston, Catkiller Crew Chief, 1968–69


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Iaeger, Dennis, Nov 1969–Dec 70 SP5, Phu Bai,
DMOS 68G20, Airframe repair
SP5 Dennis N. Iaeger, Catkiller Flightline, 1969-70 A, E
Imel, Gary L., 1965 1LT, Pilot, original Catkiller 1LT Gary L. Imel, Catkiller Original A, E, P
Inman, Terry W., 1966 1LT, Pilot, left unit on arrival  


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Jackson, Jerry D., 1966—67 1LT/CPT, 2nd Plt in Hue. Recommended for SS, Operation Hastings, July 66 1LT Jerry D. Jackson, Catkiller Lima A, E
Jackson 1971 SP5  
Janklow, Fred, 1970 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner Victor
Wounded during mission w/Glenn Stewart
on 22 Feb 1970, DFC
Jaquez, John, 1969–70 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner Foxtrot 1LT John Jaquez, AO, 108th Arty, 1969-70
Jeffcoat, James, 1971 SP5, Crewchief  
Jenkins, Dennis R., June 1968—December 1969 SP5 Flightline SP5 Dennis R. Jenkins, Catkiller Flightline, 1968, 1969 E
Jenkins, Ray D., 1965–66 SP5 UO 28, 6 June 1965
Jermyn, Bobby Ray, 1967(Vietnam Wall) CPT, Hue/Dong Ha Platoon, Handsboro, MS. Ft Sill class of 11-64
KIA (acft crash), 23 May 1967
Virtual Wall: or search Jermyn
Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Gulfport Mississippi
CPT Bobby Ray Jermyn, 220th Avn Co KIA
Johns, William M. "Bill", 1971 CW2 Catkiller 20, 2nd Plat A, E, P
Johnson, Bobbie, 1967 CWO, Pilot, 2nd Plat Hue CWO Bobbie Johnson, Hue, 1967
Johnson, Daniel W. “Johnny”, March 1968–March 1969 SP5, Crew Chief, 2nd & 3rd platoons, Phu Bai & Da Nang. 184th Avn. Co, (Nonstop), Nov 1969–Aug 1970. Maint plt, U6 (Beaver) Crew Chief. A, E, P
Johnson, Darryl W.,
5 Jan 1971–9 May 71
MAJ, Catkiller 6  
Johnson, Donald L., 1965–66 1LT, Pilot, original Catkiller,
believed deceased 1987 (unconfirmed)
1LT Donald J. Johnson, original Catkiller
Johnson, Ernest L. CPT  
Johnson, Herb SFC, Maint Sergeant E
Johnson, James E., early 1969 1LT, US Army, Aerial Observer, 1/83rd Artillery, 108th Arty 1LT James E. Johnson, AO, 1/83rd Arty E
Johnson, Richard W. "Rick", 1967—68 CPT, Catkiller 44, DFC CPT Rick Johnson, Catkiller 44, 1967-68 A, E, P
Joles, Robert J. "Bob", 1969—70 Pilot, CPT, XO, Catkiller 5 CPT Bob Joles, Catkiller 5A, E, P
Jones, David, 1966 SSG, 1st Plat, Quang Ngai SSG David Jones, Quang Ngai, 1966
Jones, Don, 1969 1LT, Catkiller 1st Plat 1LT Don Jones, 1LT Catkiller pilot, 1969
Jones, John B., 1965 CPT, Pilot, Plat. LDR, original Catkiller A, P
Jones, Lee Roy 1967 Motor Pool SSgt Phu Bai  
Jones, Randy F., 1971 CPT, Catkiller 03/16,
Operations Officer, 1st PLT Leader (replaced Jim Neime)
CPT Randy F. Jones, 220th Aviation Company, 1971A, E, P
Jordan, Robert J., Jr., 1965–66 1LT, Pilot, original Catkiller Bravo, 2nd Plat, Ops Officer 1LT Robert J. Jordan, Jr., Catkiller Bravo E


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Kaufman, Walt Pilot  
Kawabata, Harry K, 31 June 1965–Dec 66 SP5, Crew Chief, 3rd Plat, Da Nang SP4 Harry K. Kawabata, Crew Chief, 1965-66  SP4 Harry K. Kawabata, Crew Chief, 1965-66 Hawaii
Keathly, Jimmie F, 1965–66 1LT, TC, original Catkiller, 1st Plat, Quang Ngai
Jan 1966 became S4 of 14th CAB
1LT Jimmie F. Keathly, Caykiller Original, 1965-66 A, E, P
Kee, Harry Irvin, 1 June 1965–July 66 SP5 (SP6 at death), Original Crew Chief, 3rd Plat, Da Nang
Born: 07/02/1931, Date of Death
in an army CH34 crash, 25 Jan 1968
SP6 Harry Irvin Kee, Catkiller Crew Chief, June 1965-July 1966
Keener, Galen, Sept 1968—Sept 1969 Sheetmetal shop A, E, P: Seven Valleys, PA
Keeven, Louis Ferdinand, 1967, Virtual Wall Pilot, CW2, 3rd Plt Da Nang,
Catkiller 1967, Florissant, MO,
DFC, KIA, 4 December 1967 (hostile gunshot)
CWO Louis Ferdinand Keeven, KIA 4 Dec 1967
Keiper, Richard; 1966—67 CWO, Catkiller, 1st Plat, Quang Ngai see p. 14, Acft Maint Log, 1965-70
Keiser, Bob, 1969 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, Sindowner  
Keltner, Kenneth Tony,
Sep 1967 —29 Sep 68
CPT, AT, Catkiller 17/35
deceased, Aug. 13, 2009
DFC, 16 May 69
LT Tony Keltner, OCS photo
Kemper, Joseph Clark, Aug 1965–Aug 66 SP4, Crew Chief, 3rd Plat. Da Nang
promotion date 18 Oct 1965
SP5 Joseph C. Kemper, Crew Chief, 3rd Platoon, 1965-66 A, E, P
Kendig, Dennis "Denny" 1967—68 LT, USMC, AO, Dong Ha, 3d MarDiv (Rein) FMF  
Kennedy, Gary R.,1971 WO1 Trans 478th Avn Co at inactivation
Kent, Ed   E
Kessler, Oliver A., 1965–66 SP6  
Kieffer, Charles M., 1965–66 1LT, Original Catkiller
deceased 1/9/2011, Arizona
1LT Charles M. (Chuck) Kieffer, Catkiller Original, photo by Bob Covino
Kight, James. 1967—68 LT, USMC, AO, Dong Ha, 3d MarDiv (Rein) FMF  
Kilduff, Robert E. “Bob” 1969—70 CPT, Catkiller 40/4
DFC, 4 Apr 1970
CPT Bob Kilduff, Catkiller 40/4 A, E, P
Kime, Barry L., 1969 SP5, Aircraft Mechanic, Phu Bai HOR: Richeyville, Penn. SO 208, 17Nov69
Kimsey, William Arthur Jr., 1967—68, Virtual Wall: search Kimsey CW2, Reliance, Tennessee
deceased, KIA 21 January 1968
Arrlington Cemetery info
Jointly buried with Capt. Ramsay
CW2 William Arthur Kimsey, Jr, KIA 21 January 1968
Kiper, Richard “Dick”. 1966–67 1LT, 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai 1LT Dick Kiper, Quang Ngai, 1966-67
Klett, Keith E., 1968—69 CPT, Catkiller 40, DFC CPT Keith Klett, Catkiller1968-69 A,E,P
Kline, Barry L. 1969 SP5, Aircraft Crewman, Phu Bai  
Klutts, Joe A. "Nokey", Oct 1969—Oct 70 CW2, Catkiller 14, DFC CW2 Joe Klutts, Catkiller 14 A, E
Knight, Alec, December 1968—October 1969 SP5, Engine Mechanic (EM and NCO Club manager) SP5 Alex Knight, NCO/EM Club ManagerA, E, P
Knight, Kirk ‘Seak’ M., 1971 Pilot, 1LT (COL, Ret.)
Trans HHC, 223d CAB at inactivation
1LT Kirk M. Knight, 1971 A
Kovach, John E., "Bear", 1967–68 CPT, TC, Catkiller 16/8
DEROS Nov 68
CPT John Kovach, Catkiller 16/8 E
Krebs, Joe, 1970 MAJ, 108th Arty S2, Sundowner Kilo
Sundowners reported to him
MAJ Joe Krebs, Sundowner Kilo, 108th Arty E
Kucinskas, Helmut William 1965 SP4 (CW3 Retired), one of nine Catkiller original enlisted men, Obituary
deceased 2014 (verified DMR)
WO Helmut Kucinskas receiving an award
Kunimura, Donald T., 1970—71 1SGT, Catkiller(1SGT)  
Kunitake, Nelson M,
Tet 1969–Nov 1969
CPT, Catkiller 26/03, A, E, P CPT Nelson Kunitake, Catkiller 26/03, 1969CPT Nelson Kunitake, Catkiller 26/03, 2012


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Lacie, Jimmie, 1966–67 Crew Chief/Mechanic, 3rd Plat, Da Nang E
LaFerriere, Robert J. "Bob," 1968–69 CPT, AT, Catkiller 2, Assistant Operations Officer, DFC
DEROS Jan 69
CPT Bob LaFerriere, Catkiller 2 A,E, P
LaFromboise, Michael S. "Mike" 1969 1LT, USMC AO, KIA 6 June 1969, Quang Tri, Seattle, WA
Virtual Wall: search LaFromboise
Michael S. LaFromboise, USMC AO, Vietnam
LaRocque, Glenn L., 1968–69 SP5, Crewchief, deceased 10 February 2014 SP5 Glenn LaRocque, Catkiller Crew Chief
Lamonds, Ronald Wayne, 1969 SP5 Flightline E
Landersheim, Larrie John, 1969—70 Virtual Wall: search Landersheim Pilot, WO1, Catkiller 1969, Jacksonville, FL, DFC
deceased, killed in action 23 May 1970 (see Note 2 below)
WO1 Larry Landersheim, KIA 1970
Landsdell, 1968 Flightline  
Lang, Thomas J., Jr., 1966–67 SFC, Hue  
Laramy, Robert E. "Bob," 1967—68 CPT, USMC AO, Da Nang and Phu Bai A, E, P
Latimer, David M. Jr., 1967—68 CPT, Catkiller3X, Section Ldr, 3rd Plat., Da Nang
Trans to 183rd Avn Co.
CPT David M. Latimer, Jr., Da Nang, 1966-67 A, P
Lauer, Joseph Kurt; 1966—67 1LT, Catkiller 13, 1st Plat, Quang Ngai 1LT Kurt Lauer, Catkiller 13, Quang Ngai A, E, P
Lavender, 1968 Flightline SP5 Phu Bai  
Leonardis, Robert C Battery 8/4th E
Ledford, Bill, 1969 SGT Operations, Phu Bai  
Leeser, Norman C. Jr., 1968 Flightline Sgt Phu Bai A
Lentz, Gary, Sept 1970–71 PFC, 5thID AO PFC Gary Lentz, 5thID AO E
Lerch, Bob, 1968—70 SGT, Asst Platoon Sergeant, Crew Chief SGT Bob Lerch, Assistant Platoon Sergeant, 2nd Platoon, 220th Avn Co, 1969 A, E, P
Lewis, Robert, 1967 SGT, 1st Plat, Quang Nhai E
Lewis, James 1971 Pilot Lt A,E,P
Liken, Dean L., Dec 1969–Dec 1970 1LT, Catkiller 19, Phu Bai 1LT Dean Liken, Catkiller 19
Lineberry, Lester 1968-69 Flightline SP5 Phu Bai A
Little, Richard A., 1971 CPT, 1980, Catkiller 46 Trans 11th CAG at inactivation
Livingston, William, 1971—72 SP5, Mechanic/Crew Chief A, E, P
Lockett, Aubrey Paul; 1966—67 CPT, Catkiller 16, 1st Plat. Ldr., Quang Ngai
born 1938, died 8 March 2002 (verified: DMR)
CPT Aubrey Lockett, 1st Plat Ldr
Logsdon, Donald D., June 1966—Sept. 1967. SP5, Flightline NCOIC, Phu Bai E
Long, Donald, 1969 1LT, Catkiller 18, Dong Ha CPT Donald Long, Catkiller 18, 1969 A, E, P
Lopez, Al, 1968—69 SST, Maint SGT, Phu Bai SSG Al Lopez, Maint SGT
Lott, 1971 SSgt  
Love, Gary R., 1971 SP5, Flightline Phu Bai  
Lovejoy, 1970 SSG, Platoon SGT, 2nd Plat  
Lovell, James F., 1965–66 SP4, 231st Sig Det SP4 James F. Lovell, 231st Signal Det, 1965
Lowe, Doc 1968 Flightline Sp 6 Phu Bai  
Lowe, 1971 Sgt SGT Lowe, 1971
Lowentritt, Phil, 1969—70 Pilot, Catkiller 7/38 Phil Lowentritt, Catkiller 7/38 A, E, P
Lucianno, Robert "Lucy "
DEROS 13 Dec 1968
SP5, Company Clerk, See unit history, 1967;
born on September 28, 1947
and died on June 21, 2006 at the age of 58.
Confirmed, DMR
SP5 Robert Lucianno, Catkiller Company Clerk
Luna, Richard 1967-69 SP5, 68G20 Airframe Repairman A, E, P


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MacPhee, Norman S., 1966 WO1, Da Nang Platoon,
trans to 18th Avn Co mid 1966
Navy awarded DFC
WO Norman S. MacPhee, Catkiller 1966 A, E, P
Mallory, 1965 SP5, Crew Chief, 3rd Plat., Da Nang  
Manly, Phillip J., 1965—66 SP4, MOS 71B20, promotion order SO 39, dated 18 Oct 1965
Mann, Donald G., 1971 Catkiller 32, CW2, 3rd Platoon CW2 Donald G. Mann, Catkiller 32A, E, P
Marshall, Kirk B., 1966–67 SP4, Crew Chief, 2nd Plat., Hue SP4 Kirk B. Marshall, Catkiller Crew Chief, 1966-67
Martin, 1970 PFC, Crew Chief, 2nd Plat., Phu Bai  
Martin II, Justin M. “Jerry”, 1968–69 1LT, USMC, AO, Sacred Mike, 3rdMarDiv, Phu Bai.
Silver Star citation
1LT Jerry Martin, USMC AO, 1968-69 E
Martinez, Robert E., 1971 WO1, trans 203rd ASHC at inactivation A,E,P
McAllister, Darl, 1965—66 CPT, Section LDR, 3rd Plat, original Catkiller, Da Nang CPT Darl McAllister, Original Catkiller 1965 A, E
McComiskie, Robert, 1970—71 CPT, Catkiller 35, DFC
CPT Bob McComiskie, Catkiller 35A, E, P
McCord, 1971 SP4  
McCullough, 1971 SP5  
McDonald, Cleve, 1971 CW2, Catkiller 12 WO1 Cleve McDonald, Catkiller 12 A, E, P
McGuire, Tom, 1969 SP4, Radio Operator  
McKenner, John, 1969 Pilot, Catkiller 1  
McMillen, Gene W., 1968–69 CPT, AT, Catkiller 25, DEROS May 69 A,P
Mead, Joe May 1969—May 1970 SGT, Operations E
Means, Sargent, 1968—69 Pilot CWO, Catkiller 16, DFC, 2nd Award CWO Sarge Means, Catkiller 16 A,E,P
Medley, Donnell Leonard "Don", March–October 1966 WO1, Da Nang Plt (Transfer to 54th Avn Co.)
Navy Commendadation Medal,
with V device, 12 May 1966
Navy DFC Citation, June 1966;
WO1 Donnell Leonard Medley, Catkiller 1966 A, E, P
Meehan, Thomas "Tank", 1968—69 AO, USMC, COL. Retired, Catkiller 1,
deceased Oct 16, 2012
MAJ Tank Meehan, USMC AO, Catkiller 1 MAJ Tank Meehan, USMC AO, Catkiller 1
Melton, Burnum Edgar, Jr., 1965 CPT, IP, Da Nang, DFC (3)
deceased 13 May 2016 (confirmed)
Menerey, Max R., 1965—66 SP4, Crewchief SP4 Max Menery, native of Michigan A,E,P
Mecersc,Larry Flightline  
Merian, 1971 SGT  
Messeder, Tom, 1965—66 CWO, Catkiller Original Da Nang Platoon (no contact)
Metzler, Warren F., 1969—70 CPT, Catkiller 42 CPT Warren F. Metzler, Catkiller 42
Meyer, Harold, Jr., 1966 PFC, RA16817359  
Milam, Henry H. III, Oct. 1967—Oct 68 CPT, Da Nang Catkiller 39/Phu Bai Catkiller 21
DEROS Oct 68
CPT Henry Milam, Catkiller 39 A, E, P
Milewski, 1971 SP4  
Miler, Edward H., 1969 MAJ, CDR, Catkiller 6, Feb—July MAJ Ed Miler, Catkiller 6, 1969 A, E, P
Miller, Gary E., 1969-70 CPT Catkiller 26, Platoon Leader (Cdr) CPT Gary E. Miller, Catkiller 26, 1969-70A,E
Miller, Kenneth W, 1968—69 SSG, Phu Bai/Tech Supply, Acft Maint SSG Kenneth W. Miller, Catkiller Supply Tech
Miller, Stuart A., 1965—66 CPT, Sec. LDR, original Catkiller CPT Stuart Miller, Original Catkiller 1965 A, E, P
Millfa, Stuart A. Pilot A,P
Minjares, Guillermo, 1970–71 SGT  
Miranda, 1971 PVT E2  
Misenheimer, Ira W. III, "Mike", 1966 WO2, Catkiller Mike, 2nd Plat, Hue
DFC from the Battle of A Shau
Catkiller Mike, Ira W. Misenheimer, III, 1966, Hue A,E,P
Mitchell, Walter, 1967 SP4, Flightline Mechanic, Quang Ngai SP4 Walter Mitchell, Catkiller Mechanic, Catkiller 196
Mitchell, Rick, 1969-70 Motor Pool, Phu Bai  
Monteleon, Christopher “Chris” J., Jr., 1969–1970 1LT, AO 108th Arty, Sundowner Sierra 1LT Christopher J. Monteleon, Jr., AO, 108th Arty, 1969-70 A,E,P
Montfort, Robert, 1967 MAJ, USMC, AO, 1st Marine Div  
Moody, Jackson, June 1968–June 69 SP5, Crew Chief, Mechanic, Phu Bai SP5 Jackson Moody, Catkiller Crew Chief, 1968-69 E
Moore, Otis Dale, 1968–69 CPT, AT, Catkiller 29, Operations CPT Dale Moore, Catkiller 1969 A, E, P
Moore, Don H., 1966 1LT, Pilot, departed on arrival  
Moore, Efra Jr. 1970–71 SP5  
Moore, Johnny Clay, 1969 SP5, Mechanic, Deceased 4/25/2004

Memorial page
Moorehead, Leroy; 1966—67 SP5, 3rd Platoon, Da Nang SP5 Leroy Moorehead, Catkiller Mechanic, Catkiller 1966-67
Morgan, Jesse C.; Sept. 1968—Sept. 69 SFC, Mess Sergeant SFC Jesse C. Morgan, Catkiller Mess Sergeant, 1968-69 A, E, P
Morgan, Lloyd H., 1967 CPT, TC, Maint Officer, Da Nang, Phu Bai, DFC CPT Lloyd Morgan, Acft Maint Officer A, E, P
Moriarty, Tim, May 1968–June 69 USMC, 12th Marines AO (Mike) May–Oct 68
3rd Mar Div AO (Oscar) Oct 68–June 69
1st Lt Tim Moriarty, AO, 12th Marines E
Morrell, Joe; 1966 1SG, Phu Bai  
Morris, Charles W., 1966–67 CWO, Hq or 2nd Plat, deceased 6 Nov 2014
Confirmed, ObituaryDMR
CW2 Charles W. Morris, Catkiller Golf
Morris, James M., 1965—66 CPT, Sec. LDR, orig. Catkiller
[BG (retired)] DFC, A, E, P
BG (Ret) James M. Morris, Catkiller Original
Morton, Jeffrey P., 1971 CPT, 1980 Trans 203d ASHC at inactivation
Moxley, Bill, “The Mox,”
1st Marine Div AO A, P
Mulkey, Jesse Glenn, 1967 MAJ, USMC, AO Team Chief, Dong Ha, Headquarters Bn, 3d MarDiv (Rein) FMF
Obituary, dated April 19, 2011
MAJ Jesse G. Mulkey, USMC, 1967
Mullins, Thomas Pilot  
Mulvany, John T., 1967—68 CPT, IN, Catkiller 3/16
DEROS Dec 68
CPT John Mulvaney, Catkiller 3/16, 1967-68
Munoz, Jose A., 1967—68 SP5, 3rd Platoon, Crew Chief, Da Nang SP5 Jose A. Munoz, Da Nang, 1967-68 A, E, P
Murphy, Dennis H., 1965 1LT, Pilot, orig Catkiller  
Murray, Thomas "Tom" E. II; 1965—66 CPT, 3rd Plat Sec. Ldr/Supply Officer Phu Bai
awarded the DFC (3 awards)
during his tour with the 220th
[from the 2010 USMA Register of Graduates]
CPT Tom Murray, 1965-66 A, E, P
Murray, Tomas E., Oct–Nov 1970–71 108th Arty AO, Sundowner Mike 1LT Tom Murray, Sundowner Mike, 1970-71 E


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Nelsen, Charles H. Pilot A
Nelson, Stephen D., 1971 WO1 Trans HHC, 223d CAB at inactivation
Newell, Charles, 1970–71 SP4  
Nicholas, Harold A., 1965—66 SP4, MOS 94B20, promotion order SO 39, dated 18 Oct 1965
Nichols, John T.,1969 NCOIC, Det E, 1st MIBARS, AO/Photographer SGT John T. Nichols, 1st MIBARS E
Niemi, James A, 1971 CPT, Platoon Ldr, Catkiller 16 CPT James A. Niemi, Catkiller 16, 1971 A, E, P
Nikolai, 1971 SP4  
Nogle, Stephen Earl, 1965–66 SP4, 231st SigDet SP4 Stephen E. Nogle, 231st Signal Det, 1965-66 A, E, P
Norton, William W. "Bill", 1969 CPT, Arty, AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner Whiskey
deceased Dec. 1994, DFC (via photo of awards ceremony)
See related story
CPT Bill Norton, Sundowner Whiskey
Novetzke, Theodore “Ted” L., 1971 WO1, Catkiller 19
trans 48th AHC at inactivation
WO1 Ted Novetzke, Catkiller 19 A, E, P
Nunn, William ‘Bill’ W., 1971–inactivation WO1, Catkiller 42, trans to 178th AHC WO1 William W. Nunn, Catkiller 42 A, E, P


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O´Brien, Kevin, 1968—69 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, MIA Jan 1969
Virtual Wall Site
Lost with Mac Byrd Jr.
Not recovered
1LT Kevin Obrien, MIA, 108th Arty
O’Connor, Dennis J., 1967 CPT, 2nd Plat, Hue/4th Plat, Dong Ha. 2nd Tour as XO 1970—71 CPT Dennis OConnor, 220th RAC 2nd Plat HueA, E
O’Hollaren, Alan R., 1971 CW2, Catkiller 01, deceased 2003
trans 48th AHC at inactivation
CW2 Alan O'Hallaren
O’Malley, Patrick; 1967 1LT, USMC AO, Chu Lai
See articled regarding Pat's escape and rescue
with Lloyd Rugge at Duc Pho when he crashed, escaped.
O´Shields, Gary H., July 1967—1968 CPT, Catkiller 23/10/16, Hue Citadel, Phu Bai,,
Dong Ha,
DFC (1st OLC)
Second Tour: Tuy Hoa, September '70 - '71,
Civilian Labor Officer, Deputy Post Commander
CPT Gary O’Shields, Catkiller 23/10/16 A, E, P
O´Toole, Thomas F. "Tom", 1967 1LT, USMC AO, 3rd MarDiv, Dong Ha, Phu Bai deceased
Oake, Lloyd, 1966—67 SSG, Crew Chief/Mechanic, Phu Bai-4th Plat, Dong Ha SSG Lloyd Oake, Crew Chief, Mechanic, Phu Bai A, P, E
Oamilda, Gary, 1967 SP4. Quang Ngai Gary Oamilda, Mechanic, Quang Ngai, 1967
Odom, Lonnie Joseph; 1969—1970 CW2, Pilot, Supply Officer
deceased 01-08-97, auto accident
CW2 Lonnie Joseph Odom, Catkiller Supply Officer, Pilot
Ohare, David C., 1967—68 CPT, Catkiller 43, DFC Citation CPT David Ohare, Catkiller 43 E
Oliver, Jimmy; 1968—69 Motor Pool, Phu Bai  
Oliver, Rubin L., Jan 1971—Aug 71 SFC, Plat SGT, 4th Plat.Obituary
Deceased 22 June 2013
SFC Rubin L. Oliver, 4th Plastoon SGT
Olivos, 1971 SP4 A, E, P
Olney, Kurt L. 220th Crew Chief with YO–3A Det. Kurt L. Olney, CrewChief, YO-3A P
Oltjenburns, Larry, 1969 1LT, Catkiller 40, AR, ARNGUS, Obituary, Deceased Feb 16, 2013 1LT Larry Oltjenbruns, Catkiller 40
Orth, Al, 1966—67 CPT, USMC AO, 3rd Mar Div, Phu bai  
Ossi, Peter S., 1965 1LT, Pilot, Catkiller Original,
reassigned to 74th Avn Co on arrival in Vietnam
1LT Peter Ossi, left 220th on arrival in Vietnam A
Owen, Bill, May 1969—May 70 CPT, Catkiller 27 CPT Bill Owen, Catkiller 27A


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Parker, Robert "Wayne", July 1966–July1967 SP5, Crew Chief, Phu Bai, Da Nang, deceased May 18, 2012 Catkiller Robert Wayne Parker, 3rd Plat, 1966 to 1967
Parker, 1971 SP4  
Pasley, John R., 1965 1LT, Pilot, orig Catkiller A,P
Pate, Michael, 1969—71 SP5, Mechanic 4th Platoon SP5 Mike Pate, 4th Plat A, E
Patterson, Lloyd, 1967—68 Pilot, 3rd Plat., Marble Mountain E
Patterson, Michael Kent "Mike", Nov 1966–Nov 67 CWO, Pilot, 1st Plat., Quang Ngai
Deceased 14 Jan 2009
WO1 Mike Patterson, Quang Ngai
Paulsen, Alfred L., 1970—71 Pilot, Operations Officer, Catkiller 31/03, DFC
Al Paulsen, Catkiller 31/03 A, E, P
Pawels, Dennis, 1969 Unknown Hart, MI
Payne, John T., Jr., Sep 1970–Aug 71 SSG, Motor Pool Sergeant SSG John T. Payne, Jr., Catkiller Motor Pool Sergeant, 1970-71 SSG John T. Payne, Jr., Catkiller Motor Pool Sergeant, 1970-71 E
Pedersen, Millard L., 1968 MAJ, Catkiller 6, Cdr Apr—Aug 1968
deceased 27 May 2014. Verified
LTC Ret.
MAJ Millard L. Pedersen, Catkiller 6
Peeples, 1971 SP4  
Pellechia, Donald E. 1967 CPT, USMC, AO, Dong Ha, 3d MarDiv (Rein) FMF A, E, P
Pepe, Donald S., 1967—69 CPT, IN, Catkiller 15
DFC, 23 July 1968
ARCOM w/ V Device, 14 Nov 68
DFC 1OLC, 15 November 68
DFC 2OLC, 9 January 69
DFC 3OLC, 16 May 69
1LT Donald S. Pepe, Catkiller 15, 1967-69 A,E,P
Pepe, Michael J., 1965 (BG retired) CPT, Sec. LDR 3rd Platoon,, orig Catkiller (shotdown 1965) survived CPT Michael J. Pepe, Catkill;er 36, 1965 A
Perry, John C. "Curt"; Jan 1970—Jan 71 CPT Catkiller 01/17/22 CPT Curt Perry, Catkiller 22 A, E, P
Perry, James P., 1965 CPT, Pilot, departed unit on arrival  
Peters, Joseph F., May—August 1967 CPT, Catkiller 15, Quang Ngai; Reassigned to 183rd RAC 'Sea Horses' A, E, P
Peters, Lee Raymond, 1970 Virtual Wall: search Peters Pilot, WO, 23 November 1948—30 July 1970, DFC, Marshfield, Wisconsin
deceased, killed in non-hostile acft accident at Quang Tri, 30 July 1970
WO1 Lee R. Peters, died at Doing HaWO1 Lee R. Peters, home on leave before Vietnam
Petty, Paul Pilot, Catkiller 1968 E
Phillips, Daniel A., 1966 1LT, Pilot, left unit on arrival  
Phillips, Richard, Jan—Dec,1970 SP4, RTO, Flt. Opns, ATC E
Phipps, Ken, 1969 1LT, USMC AO, 3rd MarDiv 1LT Ken Phipps, USMC AO, 3rd Mar Div, Dong Ha
Pickett, James Ray, Sr.; Jan-Dec. 1970 SGT, TAC Comm Chief E
Playford, Dennis, April 1968—April 69 SP5, Crew Chief, Phu Bai SP5 Dennis Playford, Catkiller Crew Chief
Planta, Dennis W., 1969 PFC, Crew Chief  
Platta, 1971 SP5, CrewChief, 2nd Platoon SP5 Platta, Catkiller Crew Chief
Porter, 1970 SGT, Line Chief, 2nd Plat,Phu Bai  
Pozdol, Wayne E., May 1967
April 1968
CWO, Quang Ngai, 1 mo;
Catkiller 45, 4th Plat, Dong Ha
CWO Wayne E. Pozdol, Catkiller 1967
Price, Monty B., 1965–66 1LT, IN, original Catkiller, Quang Ngai
see p. 13, Acft Maint Log, 1965-70
1LT Monty B. Price, Catkiller Original TX
Purdy, Rick 1969—70 SSG, Motor Pool, Phu Bai  
Purvenas, Frank “Hare”, 1967–68 SP5, Crew Chief, Da Nang SP5 Frank Purvenas, 1967-68
Putnam,Roger W. May 1966—May 67 SSG, Plat. SGT, Da Nang. SS. Retired CSM Ft Rucker. SSG Roger Putnam, Da Nang Platoon SGT A, E, P


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Quichocho, Anthony, 1970—71   from Guam
Quiggle, George V., 1970—71 PFC,. Commo Clerk  
Quigley, Richard "Dick" W., 1965 CPT, Opns Off., orig Catkiller, originator of Catkiller callsign CPT Richard W. Quigley, Operations Officer, 1965 A,E, P


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Ramige, 1971 SP4  
Ramsay, Charles James, 1968 CAPT, USMC AO, (See WO1 Kimsey)
DFC, 1967 (see CWO Keeven).
Memorial web sites (3):Virtual Wall: search Ramsay
Casualty on 21 January 1968
originally an MIA, but remains were found and identified 19 July 2001

Additional site, with photos of the joint tombstone for Kimsey and Ramsay
Reece, 1971 SP4  
Rexroad, Benny J., 1965–66 SP4, Crew Chief, Da Nang, UO 28, 6 June 1965 SP4 Ben Rexroad, 1965-66 A, E, P
Regalado, Elias, 1970—71 SP4 (E-8 Ret.), Maintenance, Phu Bai P
Rhodes, William "Dusty," May 1970—Nov. 1970 SP5, Flightline (199th Swamp Fox, Nov. 1968—May 1970 A, E, P
Rice, David W., 1967 SSG, Platoon Sergeant, 4th Plat, Dong Ha  
Rich, Frederick Tyler, January 1971—July 1971 SP5, AO, 517th MI, 1st Brigade, 5thID E
Richards, J. D, 1965 1LT, USMC AO, 1965, deceased 11 January 2015
1LT J. D. Richards, USMC AO
Richards, Robert E. "Pop", 1965 CPT, Sec. LDR, orig Catkiller CPT Robert E. Richards, Catkiller Original A
Richardson, Charlie, 1968 CPT, USMC AO, 3rdMarDiv (COL, USMC Ret.) Col Charlie Richardson, USMC AO, 1968 A, E, P
Richter, Jack, 1965–66 SP5, Crew Chief/Mechanic, 3rd Platoon, Da Nang SP5 Jack Richter, Crew Chief, Da Nang
Ricks, Donald M., 1969 1LT, Catkiller 49 1LT Donald M. Ricks, Catkiller 49 A, E, P
Rivera, 1969 Motor Pool SP4  
Riverd, Carl F., June 1967–Feb 68 SSG, Supply Sergeant E
Robbins, 1971 SP4  
Roberts, George, 1965 Rank unkn from roster of EM who rifle qualified
Robinson, Joseph N., 1969 SP5, Flightline, Phu Bai Joseph N Robinson was born on September 10, 1950 and died on December 11, 2000 at the age of 50. Verified.
Rock, 1971 SGT  
Rodenhouse, Robert H., Jr., 1971 WO1, Catkiller 19
trans 173d AHC at inactivation
A, E, P
Roebuck, Arnold J., “Arnie,” 1965–66 1LT, Pilot, orig Catkiller, deceased 21 April 1991, FL
Rogers, David Kent., 1965—66 CPT, Catkiller 26, Original 2nd Plat. Cdr, Recommended for DSC following Battle of Ashau, Mar 1966.
deceased 5 July 2009
CPT David K. Rogers, 220th Avn Co
Ross, Randy J.,1971 WO1
Trans 48th AHC at inactivation
Roulette, James Houston, 1968 SP5, Catkiller 1968, Maryville, TN
KIA, (rocket attack 27 June 1968)
Virtual Wall: Roulette
Virtual Wall : Roulette
Search ROULETTE Obituary
SP5 James Houston Roulette, KIA June 27, 1968
Rugge, Lloyd Taylor, 1966—67
Virtual Wall: search Rugge (photo)
Pilot, Catkiller, ILT, North Hollywood, CA.
KIA, 26 Jan. 1967 , SEE NOTE 1 below. Posthumous SS Preface from Memorial Book
1LT Lloyd T. Rugge, KIA, 220th RACLT Lloyd T. Rugge, before Vietrnam
Russell, Jerry 1968 Motor Pool SP5 Phu Bai  


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Sabaj, Roger A., 1965—66 SP4, Mechanic, 1st Plat., Quang Ngai SP4 Roger Sabaj, Indiana home of record Indiana
Samaras, George, 1968–69 1LT, USMC, AO 1LT George Samaras, USMC AO, 1968-69
Sanders, James M. “Jim,”
Feb 1967 to Mar 68
2LT, 1st Marine Division AO
Benchmark 2/Blackcoat 2,Silver Star
2LT Jim Sanders, USMC AO, 1967-68
Sandoval, Pablo, 1965 SSG, Mess Sergeant  
Santos, de los, Ron Feb. 1966–Aug 66 CW2, 3rd Plat., Da Nang CW2 Ron de los Santos, 1966-67 A, E, P
Sapp, David C. 1971 CPT, Catkiller 6, Phu Bai CPT David C. Sapp, last Commanding officerA,P
Sawyer, Unkn, 1966–67 SP4, Crew Chief, 3rd Plat, Da Nang SP4 Sawyer, Crew Chief, Da Nang
Schaeffer, Jack Dennis, March–May 1967 CPT, USMC AO, 3rd MarDiv. Deceased 9 April 2010, confirmed, obituary Castalia, Ohio CPT Jack D. Scherer, 3rdMarDIV AO, 1967
Scherer, Douglas M. 1970–71 1LT, Catkiller 38, Phu Bai 1LT Douglas M. Scherer, Catkiller 38 A, E, P
Schmale, William "Bill" Otto, 1965—14 Oct 1966 CPT/MAJ, XO/CO, original
awarded the Legion of Merit
for his tour as Cdr.
KIA 8/23/1968Vietnam Wall: search Schmale
MAJ Bill Schmale, Catkiller 5/6
Schumaker, 1969—70 Motor Pool SP4 Phu Bai  
Schweikert, Ronald W., 1966 CWO, (CW4, Ret.) Pilot, 1st Plat., Quang Ngai,
transferred to 92nd Aviation Co. (CV2),
then 183rd RAC
deceased 30 June 2006 (confirmed).
grave marker
CWO Ron Schweikert, 1966
Scrima, Donald M., 1965–66 PFC, 231st Signal Det,
Electronics Maintenance, flight line
A, P
Scruggs, Terry L.; 1968—69 1LT, AT, Catkiller 17/38, DEROS Mar 69
deceased May 6, 2004, Oklahoma City
1LT Terry L. Scruggs, Catkiller 17/38, photo ncourtesy Dave Ohare
Selleck, Al, 1966—67 2LT, USMC AO  
Selby, Kenneth R, 1965–66 SP4, Crew Chief, 1st Plat., Quang Ngai SO 28, 6 June 1965
Sells, James O. ‘Jim,’ 1971 WO1, Catkiller 21, trans 478th Avn Co at inactivation WO1 James O. Sells, Catkiller 21, 1971 E
Serna, Ernest “Ernie,” L.,1966—67 CWO, Catkiller 29, 2nd Plat, Hue
CW4, Retired
CW2 Eernest L. Serna, Catkiller 29, 1966-67 A, E, P
Seybold, Vernon Wayne, March 1968—Feb. 1969 Mechanic, Engine Shop E
Sharkey, Michael T. “Mike”, 1967—68 CPT, 2nd Platoon, Hue until Tet; then, Catkiller 46, 4th Plat Ldr,
Catkiller 04 Aug 68, DFC
CPT Michael T (Mike) Sharkey, Catkiller 46, 1967-68 A, E, P
Shaver, Thomas J. 1971 CPT, OP Officer (LTC Ret.) CPT Thomas J. Shaver, 1971
Sheets, James D.“Jim”, 1965 SP4, 231st Signat Det SP4 James Sheets, 231st Signal Det, 1965
Shipman, Marvin "Cowboy" Leroy, 1965 Virtual Wall: search Shipman PFC, Crew Chief 1st Plat. Quang Ngai, born 24 August 1943—KIA 20 December 1965 deceased, killed in an aircraft accident 20 Dec. 1965
Siazon, Emil Amian, 1971 SFC, deceased Dec 7, 2010, Honolulu, HI
SFC Emil A. Saizon, 1971
Sineath, Cy, 1971 1LT, 108th Arty Group, Sundowner Tango 1LT Cy Sineath, 108th Arty Gp AO, 1971 A, E, P
Singer, Gary Lee,
May 1970–Oct 1971
SP5, Crewchief A, E, P
Slater, Albert C., Jr "Al," 1967 CPT, USMC, AO. After his tour as an AO, Al earned the Navy Cross as a Company Commander in action with the Ninth Marines near Con Thien in July 1967)
CPT Al Slater, USMC, AO, 1967 A, P
Sloan, James Ray, May–July, 1969 AO, 108th Arty Gp, Sundowner Sierra A, E, P
Smally, Robert 1967-68 Motor Pool SP5 Phu Bai  
Smith, Clinton A., 1968—69 1LT, USMC, AO (Lt Col. Ret)
Defense Superior Service Medal, Purple Heart, Bronze Stars with combat "V", US Army PUC, Combat Action Ribbon, Air Medals
LT Clint Smith, USMC, AO A, E, P
Smith, Courtney E.; April—Aug. 1967 MAJ, CDR, Catkiller 6 MAJ Courtney E. Smith, Catkiller 6
Smith, Curtis Parnell, 1969 SP5, Unit Supply, MOS: 76A10 HOR: Jacksonville
Smith, Eugene A., 1967 Catkiller Crew Chief, 2nd Plat, Hue  
Smith, Jan H. "Smitty", 9/1967—5/'68 CPT, Catkiller 41, 3rd Plat. Da Nang, 4th Plat. Phu Bai (transferred from 219th RAC to 3rd Plat.) CPT Jan H. Smith, Catkiller 41 A, E, P
Smith, Paul H., June 1970—July '71 CW2, Catkiller 18/45 CW2 Paul H. Smith, Catkiller 18/40 A, E, P
Smith, Richard P., 1971 WO1, IP, Khe Sahn, Catkiller 12/21

trans 173d AHC at inactivation
WO1 Richard P.. Smith, 1971WO1 Richard P. Smith, 1971 E
Snell, Jay, 1966—67 CWO, Pilot, 3rd Plat, Da Nang CWO Jay Snell, 3rd Platoon, Da Nang, 1966-67 E
Snyder, Patrick M., 1971 WO1, Catkiller 11
trans 178th AHC at inactivation
CWO Patrick M. Snyder, Catkiller 11, Phu Ba A, E, P
Snyder, William A. (Bill), March 1969—March 70 SP5, Mechanic, Phu Bai SP5 Bill Snyder, Acft Mechanic, Phu BaiA, E, P
Soriano, John, aka:Siddhartha, 1970—71 1LT, Catkiller ? 1LT Jim (or John) Soriano, 1970-71
Sorrells, Billy H., 1968—69 CPT, TC, Catkiller 36, 3rd Plat Cdr  
Sothoron, Norwood S. "Cokie", late 1971 CPT, after one month, transferred to
62nd Avn Co on standdown
A, P
Souto, Joseph S., 1965—66 SP4, MOS 63B20, promotion order SO 39, dated 18 Oct 1965
Sowder, Richard D. ‘Dick,’ 1970–71 CPT, Catkiller 5, XO CPT Dick Sowder, Catkiller 5 A, E, P
Spann, Daryl, 1970—71 4th Platoon Leader deceased per a comment posted at his brother's tribute site
Spann, James Hall "Jay", 1970—71 CPT, Twin of Daryl; KIA non–combat 26 Nov 71, 131stAvnCo, OV–1B 59–2634
Virtual Wall site
CPT James Hall Spann, photo before Vietnam
Spette, Jerry, July 1968–Nov 1969 1LT, (replaced Tank Meehan as the VARSACC), XXIV Corps G-2 II Section and TDY to 220th LT Jerry Spette, VARSACC), XXIV Corps G-2 II Section, 1968-69 E
Spieth, Philip T. "Phil"; 1965—66 Original USMC AO: 1LT, Tinge 2, 3rd Bn,
12th Marines, Chu Lai
1LT Phil Spieth, USMC AO, Feb 1966 E
Spruck, Tom, 1970—71 SGT, Army AO, 1Bn, 83rd Arty, XXIV Corps
(attached to 108th Arty 1 March 1970
SGT Tom Spruck, Army AO, 1970 E
Stack, Geoffrey ‘Jeff’, 1968 USMC AO, 3rd Marine Div, Dong Ha, (Alpha) E
Stackhouse, Nathan G. 'Nate', 1967—68 CPT, Catkiller 36, Plt. Ldr., DaNang CPT Nate Stackhouse, 3rd Platoon Ldr, Da Nang, 1967-68 A, P
Steinert, 1968 Pilot Lt Phu Bai  
Stephenson, Motor Pool  
Stetson, Bill, 1970—71 Line Chief  
Stewart, Glenn D., 1969—70 CPT, Catkiller 45, DFC,
Eywitness Report, initial DFC.
DFC (First Oak Leaf Cluster)
CPT Glenn Stewart, Catkiller 45 A,E,P
Stewart, Roderick A. "Rod", 1967—68 Served with (1) 219th RAC, "Headhunter 13"; (2) Catkiller 13; and (3) 183rd RAC "Seahorse 13"
SS Citation, with 220th, Soldier's Medal and 2 DFCs with other units.
Rod Stewart, Catkiller 13 A, E, P
Steinhagen SP4  
Stockdale, Everett, 1966–67 SFC, Operations Sergeant,
obituary (deceased 22 Feb 2013)
SFC Everett Stockdale, deceased
Stokes, John H. III, 1970 MAJ, Catkiller 6, CDR MAJ John H. Stokes III, Catkiller 6 A, E, P
Stover, 1967—68 SP5, Flightline, Phu Bai  
Stowe, 1971 SP4  
Strain, Walter Leroy,
July 1965—July 1966
CPT, Chief AO, 3rd Marine Division
Deceased 19 January 2014
Strange, Glenn T., 1968–69 CPT, TC, Catkiller22/4, Asst Operations CPT Glenn T. Strange, Catkiller22/4 A,E,P
Strickland, Robert L., 1968-69 SGT, Motor Pool Sgt, Phu Bai SGT Robert L. Strickland, Catkiller Motor Sergeant, 1968-69 A, E, P
Suffielf, Keith A., 1969 PFC, Aircraft Crewman  
Sutherland, John; 1966—67 MAJ, 3rd Plat Ldr, DaNang/OPS Officer Phu Bai CPT John Sutrherland, Catkiller 36/03, 1966-67
Swanson, 1968 Flightline Sp4  
Swarts, Thomas, 1970–71 1LT, Catkiller 25 1LT Tom Swarts, Pilot, 1971
Swert, Mike 108th Arty Sundowner E


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Taber, Lane C., 1971 WO1, Catkiller 28
trans 48th AHC at inactivation
Taggart, Terrence R., 1971 1LT, 1980,
Trans 178th AHC at inactivation
1LT Terrence R. Taggart, 1971
Tastad, Jerome Walter “Jerry”, 1966 CPT, Hue, 1966–67 CPT Jerry Tastad, 1966-67
Taylor, Warren B.; 1969—70 Pilot Catkiller 30/02 CPT Warren B. Taylor, Catkiller 30/2 A, E, P
Tedder, Dennis Ray, 1971
to inactivation
CW2, born 23 Sept 1946, died 1 December 1982
Eufaula, OK , verified, DMR
CW2 Dennis Ray Tedder, 1971
Teer, Robert Henry Jr., 1965 CPT, Plat. LDR, DFC, orig Catkiller
deceased 7 May 2005
confirmed DMR
CPT Robert Henry Teer, Jr., Original CatkillerCPT Robert Henry Teer, Jr., Original Catkiller
Teets, Eric, July 1968—Jan. 1969 SP5, Catkiller Signal, 231st Signal Det. A, E, P
Terwelp, Richard, 1967—68 Catkiller Mechanic deceased
Thomas, 1971 PFC  
Thompkins, William G., 1965 CPT Was with the unit at Fort Lewis
Thompson, Jeffrey L, 1969—70 LTJG, NGLO (OIC), 1st ANGLICO, Unit 1, (Marine)
(Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company)
Dong Ha, Quang Tri, USN Captain, Retired, bio
Lt Jeff Thompson, AO, 220th Avn Co E
Thompson, Phil, 1968–69 SP5, Tech Supply  
Thorne, Landon, K., 1968—69 1LT, USMC, AO, Romeo, 3rd Mar Div 1LT Lanny Thorne, USMC AO Romeo A, E
Thorstad, Richard J., 1970 Catkiller 21, DFC
Tobiason, Dick, 1966—67 MAJ, Catkiller 26 MAJ Dick Tobiason, Catkiller 26MAJ Dick Tobiason, Catkiller 26, 1967 E
Todd, 1971 SP4  
Tomasevich, Mark Raymond, 1970 CPT, Instructor Pilot, deceased May 11, 2013 CPT Mark R. Tomasevich, deceased May 13, 2013
Tomasello, Fred, Jr.; 1968 1LT, USMC, AO, Southern (& Klondike)
Foxtrot, 3rd Mar Div
Author: Walking Wounded:
Memoir of a Combat Veteran
1LT Fred Tomasello, Jr., USMC AO, 3rd Mar Div E
Tommarchio, Mike; 1967 CWO, 219th RAC to 4th Plat Dong Ha  
Tompans, William G. Pilot A
Tompkins, 1971 SP4  
Tompkins, Bill, 1965 CPT, Plat. LDR, orig Catkiller  
Tonelli, 1969-70 supply SP4 Phu Bai  
Torres Crew Chief? Torres, info unknown
Toschlog, Jim Flightline  
Toston, Robert G. “Bob,” 1970–71

Catkiller 30, 3rd Plat,
deceased 5 Sep 2013, Verified

CW2 Robert G. Toston, Catkiller 30
Toves, Pedro F. 1971 1SGT ISGT Pedro F. Toves, 220th RAC
Tragesser, Gary V., July 1970–July 71 CW2, Catkiller 33 CW2 Gary Tragesser, Catkiller 33 A, E, P
Trathowen, Clyde R, 1968—69 1LT, USMC, 12th Marines, AO, Tango, DFC Citation 1LT Clyde R Trathowen, USMC, AOA, E, P
Trent, Kenneth E., 1966—67 CPT, Pilot, 2nd Plat, Hue E, Wrote the Catkiller Theme Song
Treseder,Scotty Motor Pool  
Trevathan, Louis B. "Buzz", Jr., 1970 CPT, Catkiller 26, DFC
Trettel, Guy M., March, 1967—Oct. '68 SP5, CrewChief—Phu Bai, Quang Ngai, Dong Ha SP5 Guy Tuttle, Catkiller Crew Chief A, E, P
Troha, Glen, 1968–69 Crewchief Glen Troha, Catkiller Crew Chief A, E
Tullis, Joe, 1969 CPT, Catkiller 9  
Tully, James “Jim” M., 1966 Capt, USMC AO, Da Nang
Obituary In Memoriam 2010
Capt Jim Tully, USMC AO, 1966
Turnbow, Jim, Oct 1968—Dec 69 SP5, Tech Supply SP5 Jim Turnbow, Catkiller Supply Tech A, E
Turner, 1971 SP4  
Tyson, 1968— 69 CPT  


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Ungate, 1971 PFC  


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Vail, Harold L., 1968 CPT, Catkiller 27, Hue
CPT Harold Vail, Catkiller 27 A, E, P
Valine, 1968 Motor Pool SFC SFC Valine, Catkiller Motor Pool
Vance, Rick, 1967—68 Pilot, 3rd Plat., Marble Mountain Rick Vance, Catkiller pilot, 1967
Vandever, John, 1969 SP4, Aircraft Crewman, Phu Bai  
Van Horn, Larry J. CPT, Supply Officer, Catkiller 10
trans HHC, 223d CAB at inactivation
CPT Larry J. Vanhorn, Catkiller Supply Officer
Van Pelt, Jim, 1968—69 SP5, Fligntline SP5 Jim Van Pelt, Catkiller Flightline, 1968, 1969
Vasquez, 1971 SP4  
Veldez-Perez , 1969 Motor Pool SP4  
Vegoren, Kenny R., 1965—66 SP5, Crew Chief, 1st Plat, Quang Ngai,
CSM Ret (32 years)
A, E, P
Vernon, Jim, 1970—71 CPT, Catkiller 24 CPT Jim Vernon, Catkiller 24 E
Vistercil, 1970 SP4, Crew Chief, 2nd Plat, Phu Bai  
Vosburgh, Rick, 1970—71 SP4, Crew Chief, Phu Bai SP4 Rick Vosburgh, Catkiller Creww Chief, 1970-71 E


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Wagner, Jeff, 1969 1LT, USMC AO, 3rdMarDiv  
Waland, Less 1968 Flightline SP5  
Wall, James W. "Jim" 1967—68 1LT, Catkiller 38 E
Walton, Don, 1970–71 SGT, Phu Bai, Avionics A
Wandra, Ronald W., 1966 SP4 Unit Orders 28, 6 June 1966
Ward, unknown, 1965–66 SP5, Crew Chief, 2nd Platoon, Hue Crew Chief of the month, Dec 1965
Warren, Jerry, 1967–68 SP5, Crew Chief, Da Nang SP5 Jerry Warren, Da Nang 1967-68
Waters, 1971 SSG  
Watson, David Warren, 1966 1LT, Catkiller, 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai,
KIA 04/25/1969
gravestone for David Warren Watson, KIA101st Abn Div (2nd tour)
1LTDavid Warren Watson, 1966
Watson, Thomas W WO1, Catkiller 33
trans HHC, 223d CAB at inactivation
WO1 Thomas W. Watson, 1971
Watts, David Pilot  
Weaver, Robert Russell “Bob, ’1968—69 SP5, maintenance  
Webb, Guy R, II, 1971 1LT, 1980 Trans HHC, 11th CAG at inactivation
Webster, Patrick, 1969—70 Pilot, Catkiller 44, also served with 21st RAC as Black Ace 16. CPT Patrick Webster, Catkiller 44, 21st RAC A, E, P
Weight, J. Ormon; 1965—66 CPT/MAJ, Catkiller 5 original/Supply officer/XO (LTC Retired)
Deceased, born on May 16, 1935 and died
on December 06, 2010 at the age of 75. Confirmed, DMR
MAJ J. Ormon Weight, Catkiller 5
Welch, William D., Jr. "Bill", 1965–66 1LT, Pilot, DFC 1965, action near Hup Duc Deceased
Welsh, Charles R, 1965—66 CPT, 1st Platoon, Sec. LDR, DFC, orig Catkiller CPT Charles Welsh, Catkiller Original E
Wells, Edgar, 1968 SFC, 3rd Plat, Marble Mountain  
Wells, Richard "Dick", 1971 WO1, Aloft 12, Catkiller 48, trans 173d AHC at inactivation WO1 Dick Wells, Catkille E
Wendell, Keith 1969 Pilot Keith Wendell, Catkiller Unknown
Wesley, Daryl V., 1969-70 CPT, Pilot Catkiller 36, DFC
CPT Daryl Wesley, Catkiller 36 A, E, P
Wessels, Henry R. "Hank", 1969–70 SP5, Acft Mechanic SP5 Hank Wessels, Catkiller Aircraft Mechanic A, E, P
West, Louis P, 1971 WO1 Trans HHC, 11th CAG at inactivation
Wettergren, 1971 SP4  
Whalon, Leslie G, 1969 SP5, Aircraft Crewman, Phu Bai  
Whipple, Ronald A., 1965–66 SP5, Crew Chief, 1st Plat., Quang Ngai
SFC, Retired (26 yrs)
A, E. P
Whitlow, Robert "Rob", 1967—68 1LT, USMC AO, Marble Mtn and Chu Lai 1LT Robert Whitlow, USMC AO, 1967-68 A, E, P
Whitman, Bernard R., 1966–7 PFC, Catkiller Crew Chief, 2nd Plat, Hue  
Whitmore, Eddie F., 1971 SP5, Crewchief  
Wiggins, Bert E.;
Jan 1966—23 Jan 1967
CW2, Pilot, Catkiller 10, 1st Plat., Quang Ngai
2nd tour w/54th Avn Co 1969
A, E, P
Wight, George Larry, Oct. 1970—Dec. '71 SP5, Sheetmetal shop, Phu Bai SP5 George L. Wight, CatkillerMetalShopA, E, P
Wilcox, John P., 1971 1Lt, 1980 Trans HHC, 11th CAG at inactivation
Wiley, Kenneth D. 1971 CPT, Catkiller 26 CPT Ken Wiley, Catkiller 26
Wilkins, Hepburn, 1966–67 1LT, Pilot LT Hepburn Wilkins, 1966-67 A, E, P
William, 1971 SP4  
Willis, Fred W.; 1968–69 CPT, AT, Catkiller 28, DEROS Apr 69  
Willis, Jerry T., 1966 CPT, 2nd Plat. Hue/Co. IP  
Wilson, Donald E. "Gene", June 1966—June 1967 CPT/MAJ (COL, USA, Ret.),
Catkiller 5/3/, XO/OPS Officer
Catkiller Historian–mid 2010 to May 2014
MAJ Gene Wilson, Catkiller 5/3
Wilson, Ned Ross, Sr., 1968—69 Pilot, Catkiller 16, deceased 4 Jan 2014
CPT Ned Wilson, Catkiller 16
Wilson, William “Bill,”
May 1966–May 67
SP4, Mechanic, 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai SP4 William (Bill) Wilson, Catkiller mechanic, Quang Ngai, 1966-67 E
Wisby, James M. "Gee"
Aug 1968—Feb 1969
MAJ, CDR, Catkiller 6, Phu Bai MAJ James M. Wisby, Catkiller 6 A, E, P
Wolfe, Dick, 1970—71 CPT, Catkiller 16 CPT Dick Wolfe, Catkiller 16 A, E, P
Womble, Bruce Wayne; 1965 PFC from roster of EM who rifle qualified
Wood, Thomas E., Jr., 1971 WO1 Trans 173d AHC at inactivation
Woods, Darrell, Apr 1970—Apr 71 SP5, Line Chief, 1st Plat., Hue, Phu Bai E
Woodhurst, Charles L "Woody", 1965—66 CPT, Plat. LDR, orig Catkiller
Deceased Apr. 2003,
COL ret., Silver Star, DFC.
Stories about Woody
Charles L. Woody Woodhurst
Woods, George, Oct. 1966—1967 MAJ, XO (66) and CO (67), Catkiller 5/6, DFC certificate MAJ George Woods, Catkiller 5/6 A, P
Woodlaw, 1971 SP4  
Woytowich, Wayne Kenneth, May 1969—Oct. '70 SP5, Airplane Mechanic, Phu Bai
deceased June 18, 2009, Madison, Alabama
SP5 Wayne Woytowich, Catkiller Mechanic
Wright, Richard J., 1970—71 CPT, 4th Platoon, Catkiller44, Deceased 2 December 2017 CPT Richard J. Wright, 1970-71
Wynn, Syd, 1965–66 CPT, Unit Stan Officer  


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Yates, Walter H, 1966 1LT, Pilot, 2nd Plat, Hue (MG Ret.),
YO-3A pilot, Long Thanh North, 1968,
1LT Walter Yates, 1966


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Zebeck, Edward L., 1969–71 SP4, Petroleum Supply Specialist, 76W20 E
Zambrano, 1968–69 SP5, Flightline  
Zentner, Gary, 1969 CPT, Catkiller 13 CPT Cary Zentner, Catkiller Pilot E
Zimmerly, Daniel Lee, 1965—66 SP4, 231st Signal Det.
Unit Orders 28, 6 June 1966
Deceased. Crash report, December 1982
SP4 Daniel Lee Zimmerly, 231st Signal Det, 1965
Ziomek, Bob, 1969, 1LT, AO, 108th Arty, Sundowner  

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First Lt. Lloyd Taylor Rugge of North Hollywood, son of Herbert Rugge, a German emigrant, and Betty Smith Rugge. Rugge was a Boy Scout, attended the local schools and graduated from North Hollywood High School in 1959. He graduated from USC and entered the Army in 1965.

He took his basic training at Fort Ord in California. He did his officers' candidate training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. He took flight training at Fort Rucker in Alabama.

He was sent to Vietnam, where he became a Bird Dog pilot, flying a single-engine Cessna O-1. The Bird Dog pilot flies with an observer looking for any enemy activity and then calls in air strikes or artillery or naval guns on the target.

On Jan. 26, 1967, Rugge, along with his observer Patrick O'Malley, received a radio message of trapped Marines being surrounded and pinned down. He flew 400 feet, dropping a rocket which did not release until too late, so Rugge circled to 200 feet. This time he hit his target, but the enemy opened up with three machine guns, hitting the Bird Dog. The plane crashed landed in a creek bed.

O'Malley got out with minor injuries, but Rugge was not so lucky. He had a broken leg and was pinned in. O'Malley finally got Rugge out and set him down by the creek. Soon, all hell broke out and O'Malley saw a grenade in the air and shouted to Rugge "Grenade" and O'Malley dived into the water under the Bird Dog.

He looked for Rugge, but he was nowhere to be found. O'Malley evaded capture and was rescued by a Huey. Rugge was listed as missing and possibly a prisoner of war.

The Army and Marines conducted an intense search and many men died looking for Rugge. Almost three months later, while sweeping and clearing small hamlets in another operation, the Marines came upon a small hamlet and a villager in broken English pointed to the jungle. The Marines followed the villager into the jungle, where they found a single grave that was later identified containing the remains of Rugge.

According to the villagers. the Vietcong had captured Rugge and brought him to the village, where he was put into a bamboo cage. He was put on trial, found guilty and sentenced to death. The Vietcong had the villagers dig his grave and watch—as he was executed.

Rugge was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and the Air Medal, and the Purple Heart.

He is buried in Glen Haven Memorial Park Cemetery in Sylmar.

SOURCE: http://valleynews.com/Burbank/Stories/News/About-Town/Story~323174.aspx


Larrie is my father's (Richard Hamil) brother. I never got to meet Larrie becuase he died three years before my birth. Unfortunatley, no family photos of Larrie exist today. All we have are his millitary medals. If any one has a picture they are willing to copy and share, please contact Anthony Hamil at: AUTHORIZED2@HOTMAIL.COM

Tony Hamil
Posted by: Anthony Hamil
Email: AUTHORIZED2@HOTMAIL.COM Relationship: Nephew
Sunday, September 3, 2000

SOURCE: Search Landersheim; Post by Anthony Hamil, nephew

NOTE 3: Posted for: RIK BILLING:

John Henrik Billing was wounded by a .51 cal while flying the DMZ [Editor: a plaque shows the date as 25 Feb. 1968]. The bullet entered the aircraft between his feet, snapped the stick in half right below the hand grip, and hit him right below the left collar bone. When it hit the stick, it got turned around and hit his flack vest butt-first. It tore a nice 6 inch gouge along the underside of his collar bone (Rik described it as a "nice beach scar") but didn't penetrate the inside layer of the flack vest. The following is what turned Rik into a local legend:

The impact of the .51 cal bullet completeley incapacitated his left arm (he told me later that he at first thought it was blown off) so his observer had to operate the throttle while Rik flew using a MUCH shorter stick back into Dong Ha. They taxied in, shut down and got out, just as a Corpsman came rushing up. The corpsman took one look inside Rik's flack jacket, sucked in his breath and stepped back. Rik pulled open his flack jacket with his right hand, and said, "Here, let me look at it....I've never seen a sucking chest wound before." He wound up on the Repose hospital ship in Da Nang harbor for just about two weeks and the day before it sailed to Japan, the Dr.s threw Billings off and returned him to duty. This REALLY pissed Billings off as he was hoping to finish his tour in Japan and go home.

The CO reassigned him to the 3rd platoon to do in-country check outs for a month or so until he rotated home. Rik was assigned to Ft. Rucker, married, got out in '70, went into business in Atlanta and passed away sometime in the 80's.

Raymond Caryl, Catkiller 32/42