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Archived Original Catkiller Web Site
by Scott Cummings:

Scott Cummings began the Original Catkiller Web Site on a shoestring budget and built it from ground up on sheer determination. The many continuously incoming electronic message responses became a challenge to his limited assets and was made even more remarkable considering his full time employment. Scott’s widely appreciated success in gathering materials and finding those previously “Lost” Catkillers and Friends was equaled by a personal realization that the daunting task would soon reach a point beyond his control and capacity (which is not much more different than the current CATCOM Wed Site managed by yours truly). Without his efforts in pioneering the Catkiller unit’s rebirth as a fraternal organization, the current CATCOM Web Site and its recorded history would not have been possible. Scott, from all of us, “Thank You!

Donald M. Ricks, CATCOM Editor and Webmaster

Archived Newsletters and Alerts:

Newsletters and alerts published before the end of December, 2004, are now archived into individual files. These files were previously available by selecting the desired article from the Cat Bar, but reference to them and access via the bar is now removed from the active page. Access them via the "Archived Pages" link on the Cat Bar.

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